Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th January 2022 Episode starts with the kids performing on the stage. Everyone smiles. Chiku is tensed seeing the goons in the house. Nupur and Milind are happy. They praise Payal’s dance attempt.

The lights go. Aai asks Vinod to switch on the generator. Lights come. Kamini says Vaishali Deshmukh will come on stage, we have to get habitual to this name now, right Chiku, welcome her. Chiku sees Mini. Mini goes and hugs Aai.

Chiku slips on the floor. Nupur worries. Tai says who said this girl will dance well, she can’t even stand well. Kamini says Payal was dancing so well, like its in her blood. Chiku closes eyes and recalls Nupur. Nupur wishes her all the best. Chiku starts dancing. Nupur recalls her. She thinks what’s happening to Chiku.

Chiku slips by the oily floor. She throws the rose petals on the floor. She dances just like Nupur. Kamini thinks she is dancing like Nupur had danced on her birthday, now Nupur will know that she is Payal. Everyone claps for Chiku.

Nupur and Milind ask Chiku how does she know this dance. Chiku asks why, what’s special. Nupur says its special, tell me, who taught this to you. Shashi smiles. Chiku says I saw you and closed eyes to think about you, I thought how you would dance on this song, I thought you will dance this way and danced, sorry if you felt bad. Nupur says I danced the same way on Payal’s birthday, how exactly can you dance, you did it perfectly, I can’t believe it, how can you do this. Chiku thinks I had danced thinking of you. Hira holds Chiku and threatens her.

Nupur says I can’t believe this, Chiku and I have some connection. Milind asks are you sure you didn’t see this dance anywhere. Kamini says Chiku, tell them, where did you see this dance. She says I will tell them Chiku. She shows the cd of Payal’s birthday. She says Chiku asked me for this cd, I didn’t know she will copy the dance and trouble you, she is cunning. Tai scolds them.

Nupur says I don’t believe anyone, but you, did you learn this dance seeing the Cd. Chiku signs no. Tai says liar, did you learn this from your mum’s womb. Aai says leave it Tai, Chiku danced really well, we should clap for her. Nupur says we will talk later, have food Chiku. Hira says come with me, I will feed you by my hands, you would be hungry. Chiku says I m not hungry, you go and have food. She asks Aai to send Aaji with the servant. She says I want to have fun with Aai and Dadu. Aai asks Vinod to give food to Manjira. Hira thinks Chiku has to come with me.

Chiku hears Aai and her friend talking. Aai introduces her friend, she is in Police. Chiku thinks this aunty can help me. Nupur signs her to come. Hira and the goon threaten Chiku. Chiku thinks don’t know where did that goon go. She goes and makes the goon fall down. Everyone sees the goon with a gun. They get shocked.

The people start running. The goon gets caught. The lady asks who are you, why did you come, to kill whom, tell me. Subodh asks what’s all this. Kamini says I don’t know. Hira goes to Chiku. She stops Chiku. The light goes. The goon signs towards Hira. The light comes back. Hira and Chiku disappear. Kamini comes back. The lady slaps the goon. He faints. The lady says check every goon. Nupur looks for Chiku. Kamini smiles.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Milind and Nupur check the cctv recording. Nupur says I think Chiku is inside the house.


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