Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 4th October 2021 Episode starts Chiku sending her friends out first. Milind and Nupur rescue the kids. Chiku falls back. Nupur asks Milind to come fast. Milind jumps inside the fire. He covers up Chiku and gets her out. Rangoli looks on from far. Milind faints down. Nupur and everyone get shocked. Nupur shouts Milind. She takes Milind to the hospital. Doctor says I think its airway choke, if we don’t treat him on time, danger can get high. He takes Milind in the OT and treats him.

Chiku and the kids get the aid. Chiku comes to Nupur and consoles her. She says pray, it will help, I prayed to Bappa, Bappa has sent Milind and you to save us. Nupur hugs her and cries. Rangoli hears the police talking. She worries. Aai sees Milind and cries. She scolds Nupur.

Reema says there was no electrical wire damage or gas leakage, we don’t know how did this happen. The inspector asks what were the kids doing near the back door. Reema says yes. Tanki says we wanted to surprise Nupur, we didn’t know the door is jammed, Chiku opened a lock. Reema recalls and asks how did the key come, I didn’t give you the key, you went there, why. Rangoli’s inner self asks her to go to the police and accept her crime. Aai says you convinced Milind to come there and hurt him, I will see to it and make you away from him, we have no place for you in the house, get out from his life.

Sulab says Chiku took us to the backdoor, we thought its a part of performance, she went to the main electric board. He asks Chiku to say. Chiku says just to give surprise to Nupur. He asks her to say the truth. Reema says you had stolen the key, why did you go to the meter room. They all ask Chiku to say. Reema says she has done something, that’s why she is silent. Chiku says yes, I took the kids to the back door to take them outside. Reema says it means it was just a drama to reform, this was just a drama. Chiku says yes, I had to take them outside, I had planned to leave from the ghost house, I didn’t see the other lock, I couldn’t open the door, I don’t know who ignited the fire, I swear I don’t know anything. Reema asks what were you doing in meter room.

Aai says Nupur, your relation with Joshi family is over now. Nupur cries. Inspector says if kids go a crime, then kids go to juvenile prison, Chiku has to go to the jail. Chiku gets shocked. Nupur comes to the temple and prays for Milind. She goes. Chiku comes there to pray. She says I did this drama to take the family back, I told the truth to the police, how to tell them that I did this on mummy’s saying, they will arrest my mummy. Nupur hears Chiku’s prayers.

Chiku says I don’t know who ignited the fire, I wanted to take my friends to my mummy. She prays for Milind. She says he came inside the fire to save us, please make him fine. Nupur prays. She thinks Milind came there on my saying, save him. Aai also prays for Milind. Nurse comes and says you can meet Milind now. Nupur thanks Bappa. Aai goes to see him. Nupur also runs to him. Aai stops her and scolds her. She says I m worried for my son, if you stay with him, then don’t know what will happen, you aren’t his wife now. Nupur cries and says please let me meet him once.

Nupur says you can scold me later, just make me meet him once. Aai says fine, you have to prove that you worry for him. Nupur says yes, I m ready to do anything. Aai says sign the divorce papers, only this is the way to prove that you care for him, let him live. Nupur says we won’t stay happy after the divorce, our happiness will be there if we stay together, I will never sign. Aai says fine, I won’t let you meet Milind, get lost, don’t show your face ever again.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chiku is taken by the police. Nupur asks Aai to decide fast, Chiku’s life will be ruined. Kamini says sign the divorce papers, then get the girl to Joshi sadan for some days.


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