Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 5th October 2021 Episode starts with Nupur saying I couldn’t meet you Milind. She sees Chiku taken by someone. She asks where are you taking her. Reema says she is taken for interrogation at juvenile remand home,

she is useless, she can never change, she burnt my orphanage to ashes, this girl did this, she is hiding the truth, you got blind in your motherly love, she can never change, whatever the reason for her act, she can never change, sorry Nupur, I can’t help Chiku and her gang, I told you already, these kids chose the path of crime, see many kids lost the shelter. Nupur says fine, you don’t want to keep Chiku and her friends, fine,

don’t send Chiku there, send her somewhere where she gets love, she needs love, not punishment. Reema asks who will keep her at home, knowing her crime. Nupur says some family will be ready to keep her. Reema asks will you keep her in your house. Nupur recalls Aai’s words. Reema asks her to say.

Chiku runs away. The man says Chiku has run away. Nupur recalls Chiku’s words and says I know where she has gone, I will find her, I will take her home, it will be tough, I will convince the family, just get her out of here. Reema says fine. Chiku runs to her house. She says mummy, I have come back, this is my house, I won’t go back, I will stay here with you.

Rangoli opens the door. She scolds Chiku. She says you burnt the building. Chiku says I didn’t do it. Rangoli says you deserve to be in that bin, get out. She throws her stuff and asks her to leave. Chiku cries and asks where will I do. Rangoli says you should have thought of this before doing a mistake, go and sit in the dustbin. Chiku cries and leaves. Meri maa…plays….

Rangoli talks to her inner self. She says yes, I m selfish, I do everything for myself, I m happy. Her inner self says this is your real colour, your inner goodness is over today, I m also leaving now. Chiku cries and sits near the dustbin. Nupur comes to her. Chiku asks are you a magician, how do you know that I m here. Nupur asks where will you go and stay, do you want to stay here in the bin, get up. She hugs Chiku.

She gets Chiku to the family. She says we can let Chiku stay with us. Kamini argues with her. She says our family kids will get spoilt because of those kids. Subodh says we didn’t open an orphanage at home. The man says we have to take Chiku and go. Aai says I m letting you go there, that’s enough. Nupur says its a matter of few days. They ask why can’t this girl live in the orphanage. Nupur says Chiku is accused for burning Reema’s orphanage. Subodh says you want us to shelter the orphanage,

Chiku’s mum threatened me on call. Nupur says if she is blamed, then it doesn’t mean that she is a criminal. Aai says Milind was nearly dying because of this girl, you care for the family or not. Chiku, Reema and the men look on. Nupur takes a stand for Chiku. She asks Aai to think of Chiku’s life. She says if I save this girl, then I will think that someone will take care of Payal. Aai says I don’t want to hear anything, this girl won’t come here, that’s it. The lady takes Chiku in the van. Nupur says I will take her responsibility,

I will do anything you say, please Aai. Kamini says do one thing, sign the divorce papers, then you can get this girl home for a few days. She asks will you sign, tell me. Nupur sees Chiku taken in the van. She says fine, I accept this, I will sign on the divorce papers. Aai says I have seen that your husband and family don’t matter to you, you will leave the house and our lives after a month. Kamini and Subodh smile. Nupur sees Chiku.

Its morning, Aai asks Suraj to make Rangoli at the door, she has to welcome Durga Maa, I m happy, Milind got fine, he will get rid of Nupur soon. The kids play and make the colour fall. Nupur gets Chiku home. Aai and Kamini taunt Nupur. Chiku looks on. Aai warns Chiku and asks her to sit in some room of the house. Nupur asks her to go and wait for her, she will come. Chiku removes her footwear. She steps on the colour and goes in. Nupur sees her footprints and smiles. She says Aai, you worship Durga maa and do Kanya pujan, Durga maa has come home, Chiku is also a little girl.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nupur asks Chiku to become friends with the kids. Kamini asks her sons to stay away from Chiku. Aai scolds Nupur. Milind gets silent.


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