Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 6th January 2022 Episode starts with everyone finding Chiku. Kamini gets worried seeing Hira and Chiku. Hira says I didn’t come to take care of her, I will not leave her. Kamini says I will see her.

Nupur comes and sees them. She shouts Chiku. Kamini starts acting. Hira runs. Nupur shouts Milind. She runs after Hira and catches her. Hira’s hair wig comes out. Nupur sees Hira and says it means Chiku’s doubt was right. She asks how dare you come here to kidnap Chiku. Kamini says her men would have tried to kidnap Chiku that day in school. She thinks Hira may tell the truth.

Milind calls Inspector to arrest Hira. Hira tries to run away. She hurts Nupur’s hand and runs. Chiku shouts mummy and runs to her. She cries. Nupur hugs her. She says promise me, you won’t hide anything from me. Chiku promises. Nupur says I m your mum and you are my daughter. They smile and hug. Milind says Hira has run away, we will go inside, come. Tai hugs Mini. Kamini says Chiku isn’t leaving the house.

Police searches for Hira. Hira hides. She says Chiku has caused this trouble, I will not leave her. Nupur says Chiku will stay here forever, I can’t make her away. Tai says then I will leave. Nupur says please accept her stay here. Tai says it won’t happen, you have to choose, this girl or me. Nupur chooses Chiku.

Kamini asks will you forget your relations for Chiku. Nupur says never, old relations will always stay, she isn’t a stranger for me, we have a deep connection. Kamini signs Mini. Mini blames Chiku. Nupur says Chiku never troubles anyone, I will keep an eye on you both and take responsibility, come and get friendly with her. Aai says you should be happy Payal. Chiku goes with Nupur.

Kamini apologizes to Tai on Aai’s behalf. She says Tai will not leave them. Chiku comes and says Bappa is my best friend, he knows this is my house, my family, he will not make me away. Kamini asks Mini to trouble Chiku a lot in the school. Chiku does aid to Nupur. She says I wasn’t scared, I faced Hira, were you not scared. Nupur says no.

Chiku says I have no fear when you are with me, I will become strong. She asks shall I sit now, I have pain. Nupur says you have swelling in the leg. Chiku recalls the slippery dance floor. Nupur applies the ointment. She says we can show it to doctor. Chiku says no need, it happens. Mini comes and says she is right, the locality kids are strong. She asks Nupur to come with her, she is just her mum. Nupur says don’t say this, come. She hugs them.

Its morning, Chiku and Mini are in their classroom. Teacher asks them to name the sports they want to participate. Chiku says I want to take part in running race, you can write my name Chiku Joshi. Mini says no, just Chiku, I m Payal Joshi. Teacher stops them. She goes on a call. Mini and Chiku argue. The kids tease Chiku. Chiku says I will win tomorrow. Mini says we will see.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Hira spikes some chocolates. She says Nupur will be going to the jail now. Nupur feeds the chocolates to all the kids. The kids faint down. Hira says you will go jail now. Nupur and Milind get shocked.


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