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Choti Sardarni 10th June 2021 Daar ji and Tai ji take the food from Meher. The kids serve them as well. Sarab smiles. Daar ji says this tastes like my Biji’s made food. How is that possible?

Sarab comes home and hugs Meher. He says I am so happy and so proud of you. Daar ji kept appreciating you all the way back home. He loved the food. Meher says thank you for all the appreciation. Dolly sits with Tai ji. She says Sarab is always around Meher. She planned this whole thing. She’s very clever.

Scene 2
Daar ji is sleeping. The kids sneak in and steal his stick. Sarab says I can’t let Daar ji be mad again. We have to be very careful. The kids try to break the stick. Seher says I have an idea. Let’s try together. They break it. The kids say mission successful. Daar ji wakes up and shouts where is my stick? Amrit.. She comes out. It’s not there. Daar ji can’t stand. He comes in and asks the kids where is my stick? Amrit asks what happened? H says I don’t repeat myself. Sarab asks did you? Meher says Daar ji’s stick. Daar ji says I am speaking. He asks kids to come forward. They are scared. He says I never forgive liars. Tell me and answer me The kid is scared. Seher says Daar ji handle.. She gives him the handle. Everyone is shocked. Sarab says what is this Seher? Karan gives the upper part and Param the lower part. Everyone is shocked. Seher says you can punish me. I stole it. Param says no punish me. Karan says no punish me. I encouraged them. Meher says very well, si that what I have taught you? Is this how you behave with elders? Why did you do this? Seher says because we wanted to end his powers. Sarab says what? Karan says it had his magical powers. Alice’s uncle in the story had the powers in the stick. Sarab says how dare you..

Daar says the kids are right. All my power was in this stick. It stayed with me on all steps for 25 years. Harleen says this all happened because of the ideas he got from his storybooks. Amrita says when I looked at these kids I realized.. Daar says amrita. Dolly says you should be mad at the kids. Daar says I am not mad at them, I am proud of them. Adults are scared of me. And these kids dared to speak the truth in front of me instead of being scared. He says this is my brave blood. He gives blessings to Karan and says this is my blood who can cut his head but not lie. Meher and Sarab look at each other. Daar says long live my son. He says but my Daar ji used to say mistakes should be punished. You all have to wake up at 5 and meet me here. Got it? Daar ji tries to walk, Sarab holds him. He takes him to the room.

Dolly says what did you do kids? Now wake up at 5. Meher what did you do? They say sorry mama. Meher says Seher you stole it? She says sorry mama. Meher says instead of stopping them you were involved? Tai ji says why are you scolding him? Meher says he’s an elder. Tai ji says no you’re scolding him because he’s a stepchild to you? Meher is shocked. Meher says I didn’t mean that.. Tai ji says you would be scolding all the kids. Meher says I did. Tai ji says never dare to discriminate against Parm. Meher says I never did that. Sarab says some relationships become stronger with love, not blood. Meher is Param’s mom because Param has a part of her liver. Param is here because of her. Tai ji says what magic has she done on you? You have become her slave. Dolly says this was amazing. Harleen says I am glad Tai ji taught her place to her.

Scene 4
Tai ji says to Dolly because of you Meher is out of control. See what I do to bring her to place now. How did they get married? She says through a middle woman. her mom is a sarpanj. Tai ji says is she a queen? Dolly says she thinks of herself as one. Tai ji says just tell me how did they get married? Harleen comes. Dolly says ask her. She finalized it. Harleen tries to distract. She says teach us to make pickles. Daar ji calls her. She leaves. She says I will come back and ask the same question.

Scene 5
Param comes to the room. Karan and Seher are dancing that they broke the stick. Param comes in. He’s upset. They ask what happened? He says we shouldn’t have sent the stick. Tai ji scolded mama. We made the mistake and mama scolded. Karan says but we did all this for mama and papa. Param says we did wrong. Seher says we have to be up at 5.

Meher is upset. She recalls Daar ji calling Karan his blood. Sarab coms in and sees her crying. He says Meher ji I know you’re upset. Daar ji gets so mad at lies. Meher says he can forgive mistakes but not lies. What if he finds out? Sarab says we didn’t lie. We just hit a truth. It’s important for our peace. The kids shouldn’t have done this. Meher says he must be having trouble without it. Sarab says are you thinking what I am? they both say brilliant idea and smile.

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