Choti Sardarni 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 10th November 2020 Meher comes to the temple. Meher and Param pray for Sarab’s health. Guru ji says do you know why is temple decorated? Param says because my papa will come back home. Guru ji says he’s so cute. Meher says Param says I can’t wait for papa to be home. When will we go to pick him? Sarab calls them. Sarab says my tests didn’t come out well. The doctor said we need to wait for another week. Meher says I am coming there. Sarab says no. Meher says no I am coming there. Param and Meher come to the hospital.

Meher says you won’t come home? sarab says platelet count is low. I will come home and celebrate Diwali. Meher says you will stay here. Param says I will ask the doctor to discharge him. Sarab takes Karan. Param says papa can do pushups. Meher says you want to prove that you’re strong and powerful right. You can do a thumb fight. If you lose, you will stay here as the doctor advised.

Scene 2
Manav says Aditi are you not ready? We have to go. Aditi says you get ready as well. Seema says give these gifts to Param and Karan. Aditi says mom, you come with us as well. Aditi says we won’t go if you don’t come as well. Seema looks at Surya’s photos. Manav says we shouldn’t go either. Seema says no, your dad always wanted to see you happy. Manav says I know you are upset. But the one I am bringing home, you will be the happiest to see him.

Meher and Sarab do a thumb fight. Meher says now you will stay here rest. She wins. Param says so we won’t celebrate Diwali? Sarab says we will. Meher says Manav said about today.

Scene 2
Bitu and Rana prepare for Diwali. Kulwant says today is a good day to go to Sarab’s place. I can hug him today and try to convince him. Bitu says this can happen if only he invites us. Param says I thought you would give me gift at Diwali. Sarab says what gift do you want? sarab says what do you want? Param says you would give me what I ask? He says yes promise. Sarab tries to guess. Sarab says I want something else. he says I want nani’s laddus. Param says nani makes me sit in her lap and makes me eat laddu. Param says but no.. Param says papa invite nani. I know you’re mad at nani. Papa you promised me you will give me what I ask for. Meher says Param go and play.

Scene 3
A man gives bribe to goons to kill some people. He gives photos. The goon opens them. He sees photos of Meher, sarab, param and karan.

Kulwant sees Sarab’s video on Tv. He does a press conference. He congratulates everyone for Diwali. He says especially to kids. I want people on this Diwali to celebrate with families and kids. Kulwant sees on Tv and laughs. She says you’re so smart. I know you couldn’t invite me so you did it indirectly. My Param did what I asked him to do. Sarab invited me indirectly.

Scene 3
Meher and Param do homework. Harleen comes. She says we are going for a diwali party. Robbie says we will be late. They leave. Param says come I have invited everyone for Diwali party. Papa will video call. nani will come as well. Harleen says we will come fast. Meher teaches Param. She says every woman can become a 8super mom for their kids. Meher picks Karan. He cries. Param is doing his homework. They hear a loud noise.

Meher comes out of room to check. Meher comes out. Meher says Ajay ji? Soni? What was this noise? no one responds. Param sees a shadow. Param says Meher mama someone was there. Meher looks there at the window. Meher is scared. Meher opens window. No one is there. Param says Meher mama let me come with you. Meher says no you stay in this room with Karan and let me check. Meher comes donwstairs.. Param is in the room. Someone is keeping an eye on him. Meher says Soni? Ajay ji? Where is everyone? No one responds. Meher walks in the hall. Suddenly Ajay’s dead body falls from the first floor. Meher is shocked.


Choti Sardarni 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher ties Karan and Param with herself. Sarab tries to to attack her, Meher stabs him. She screams.


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