Choti Sardarni 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 11th October 2021 Seher wakes up. Rajveer puts petals around. Seher says how did I come here? He says thay book said the mothers every morning shoulf be special. Rajveer gives her tea. He says girls look so pretty in morning. What would you like for breakfast? Seher says don’t pamper so much that I fall in love with you. They get awkward. Seher says Rajveer is mu best friend. Rajveer says that child will expect Us to stay together. We might not have love. Seher says what? Rajveer says I was kidding.

Ramila says I found this book about artificial insemination in their room. Harsh says this proof isn’t enough. They’ll deny it. Rajveer and Seher plant a tree. He says I hope this moment stays the same forever. Gaitri calls and says you guys should come for some tests tomorrow then we can start this procedure.

Scene 2
Ramila comes to Gaitri. She says you.. Ramila says why are you lying to harsh?

Anurita, Param and Karan ask badi bi is Seher had some pressure. Badi bi says she is doing it happily. Anurita says if you provide didi ji she can say something in anger. Something like she doesn’t care about seher and raj only the baby. Badi bi says I will provoke her.

Harsh makes laddus. She says I am making these for Seher. I want sonu to have taste of my hand already. When are you giving the news? Rajveer says soon. Harsh says I can’t wait for my Sonu. Badi bi says Seher will have to massage the baby and sing a lullaby. This connection is made when the baby is in the womb.

Badi bi says for first year chile and mother have to live together. Harsh says it’s not necessary at all. He will only be mine after birth. Badi bi says but mothers touch is natural. It can be given by someone else. Harsh says didn’t you tell her the baby will be mine after being born? She leaves in anger.

Badi bi says I don’t get this Seher. She will take the baby after birth? She won’t let seher bond with her child? Not even let her her child? The child gets attached to his mom in the womb. How will your child live without you? Seher comes to harsh and says dida I wwnt to tell you that promises are meant to be fulfilled.

Rajveer and I are on our promise but we thought this child will stay with us in front of us but now you sound like you won’t even let us touch our baby? Rajveer says why can’t seher take care of that baby? Will seher have no right on that child? Seher says after knowing your pain I decided to help Rajveer fulfill his promise but it’s not what you think.

I’m not a machine that I can give birth and forgive about the baby. If you get stubborn then I’m sorry I can’t give you this child. I don’t want my child to go away from his parents. That I don’t get to feed my child. That while having both parents he feels like an orphan. I am sorry I can’t give you this child. Harsh is shocked.

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