Choti Sardarni 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 13th July 2021 Param gives his interview.. He forgets things. The teacher asks him to call his mom. Sarab says good morning. I am his dad. She asks where is his mother? Sarab says she isn’t home. Param comes to Harleen. she asks how was your interview? Param says the teacher wants to talk to both parents. Mama won’t go. What would papa say? What if she gets mad? Meher hears it. The teacher says call me when she’s available so I can take an interview with both of you.

Meher comes in and sits next to him. Meher says sorry it was urgent but now I am here. We can start the interview. The teacher says Param is a well-mannered kid. Sarab writes on paper please don’t ruin it. It’s important for Param to go to the hostel. The teacher says we already know you people. She says Param didn’t get good marks in the last results. His performance is low as per our school’s criteria. Meher says are you saying his performance is low? I beg to differ. Meher says you can’t judge a kid on one test. Sarab says I am sorry she didn’t mean that. Meher says I wasn’t saying.. Sarab asks her to stop. Meher says no one knows my child more than I do. Param is very intelligent. Give him a chance. Sarab says she’s saying her test performance was low. Meher says yes I know. May I tell you something else? He’s very intelligent and honest. She shows her the drawing Param made. Meher says see his writing and detailing. Meher shows her more things. Sarab looks at her. Meher says he always gets 10/10 in maths. A+ in English. He wasn’t prepared the last time because there was a situation. Please consider him,

Param says I don’t know what will happen. Seher says I hope he gets rejected. I would miss him. Karan says I want him to go and leave this house. Daar ji says this family is divided. Sarab and Meher come out. Param says did she give me admission? Did she say I had low marks? Sarab says yes the teacher said that but Meher mama explained her. The teacher said when you speak about your son, it sounds like a painter is talking about her painting. All parents love their kids. But it looks like Param is your life. If you’re so close why do you want to send him to the hostel? Sarab said I want my Param to become independent. He would need that later in life. Meher said the yes madam. Khushi, his cousin is also there. The teacher said we will welcome Param. Sarab said thank you. Bring him tomorrow.

Scene 2
Param says yayy. Karan says he’s going. Daar ji says he will go tomorrow? He says ask Meher what she must be going through her son is going away from him. Meher asks Ajay to pack things for Param. She orders things for him. Sarab comes to the room. Sarab says thank you. Meher says no one call belittle my son. Param got admission because of his own intelligence. Sarab says we should forget what happened. I understand ou must have gotten confused in that situation. I have forgiven you already for that. Meher says thank you. I am lucky but don’t do that. Sarab says be normal. Meher says I said what I had to. Sarab says so did I. Seher says why are you both fighting? Sarab says nothing. Param is going so your mom was sad. Seher says I don’t like it. Seher says we won’t even be able to give him farewell.

Meher packs the bags. She says this has all your medicine. Sarab says we can’t do so much in one night. Meher says I have an entire night. I can’t sleep anyway. Seher says I have planned everything for the farewell party. We will do a bonfire. Meher is teary.

Scene 3
Everyone prepares for the bonfire. Param picks woods. Sarab stops him. Daar ji says let him pick it. Param falls.. The woods fall on Daar ji. Everyone screams. Daar ji says I am fine. Param says sorry Daar ji it was heavy. I had to save between you and Seher so I balanced towards you. Daar ji says so you love Seher more than me? He says I knew you were eldest and strongest and you can handle the wood. Daar ji says well done. This is called taking the right decision. Param knew I am older, wiser, and stronger than Seher and I could hold the woods. This is why Param saved Seher. Not that he doesn’t love me. He says Param, maybe the same happened on the cliff? Everyone is shocked. He says your Meher mama knew you’re older and wiser and you can hold on, so she pulled Karan first. Param recalls Meher said he had to leave her hand and she had to save Karan. Param hugs Sarab. Param says anything can happen and the result is in front of us. I just want my son to go to boarding school and tonight to be spent normally. Meher looks at him. Daar ji says bring the matchstick. She lights the fire.


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