Choti Sardarni 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 14th July 2021 Harleen asks who would you miss the most? He says papa, Seher, you, Daar ji. Tai ji, Dolly dadi, Robbie uncle, and Karan. I want to beat Karan in a football match. Meher is silent. He says I miss the most.. Ajay uncle. Meher is shocked and upset. Param says I will miss the food you make uncle. Sarab says we can send him with you. Seher says you took everyone’s name but mama’s. Won’t you miss her? She loves you the most. Daar ji says you don’t take the name you miss the most. A kid can’t live without his mother. Robbie says time to have lots of fun. Daar ji and Tai ji are laeving too. Let’s have fun. Let’s play music and my bottle will decide who will dance on it. He spins. The bottle stops on Sarab and Meher.

Robbie says Meher and Sarab will leave. Meher says I have to pack. Sarab says I have work too. Everyone stops them. Daar ji says you have to dance. She plays saiyara mein. Meher and Sarab dance on it. Meher slips. She is about to fall in the fire. Everyone screams. Sarab pulls Meher and saves her. Seher asks are you okay mama? Daar ji says are you okay? Meher says I am fine. Daar ji says your papa saved mama like a hero. When they are together there can’t be any danger on this family. Robbie says time for the next performance.

Scene 2
Sarab asks Meher are you okay? She says I would be okay even if I fell in the fire. But your behavior.. I can’t tolerate this. He says then forget about it. Meher says the truth won’t change. Love and trust are broken over one misunderstanding. Sarab says things got clear. Meher leaves.

Seher gives a book to Param. It shows a kid coming closer to his family. Seher says when you miss us, open this book. We will all come together. Param smiles. The kids sleep. Seher says God please keep our family together. Meher and Sarab look away and recall their moments together. The song Naina plays. Meher tries to sleep but she can’t.

Scene 3
The next morning, Sarab gets Param’s stuff in the car. Param says time to leave. He takes blessings from Tai ji and Daar ji. Seher cries. Param hugs her. She says I will miss you a lot. She says come with papa to meet me. Karan says bye veer ji. Param says Karan, you’re Meher mama’s no. 1 son. Stay with love with her. Daar ji asks where is Meher? She didn’t even come to say bye to Param? It’s his time to leave. Tai ji says it isn’t easy for a mother to see her child leaving. She’s in her room, doing paat. She’s upset.

Meher says always take care of my Param Baba ji. Always keep him happy and protect him. There have been many difficulties in my life but this is the worst. I feel weak now. Meher says you know how much I love my Param. I can’t let him go away from me. I know my Param will come back. I know you will help me. Like always you won’t take him away from me. Meher gets a call. Sarab says Param we are getting late. He reads a note, eat something sweet before leaving. Param says mama says that. Seher says she made this chocolate for you. Param picks the box. Param looks towards the room.


Choti Sardarni 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Police stops Param and Sarab’s car. They are shocked ot see Meher there. Meher says police is here for you Sarab ji. He’s shocked.


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