Choti Sardarni 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 15th October 2020 Sarab and Meher are in the restaurant. Sarab says this pasta is tasty but I got a.. he points at his cheek. She shows him a slap. Sarab says I just wanted a kiss. Meher says you are a cheapster. Sarab says I am asking my wife to give me a kiss. Sarab checks his phone and jokes that husbands are running away because their wives are not giving them kisses.

Meher says wives are strangling their husbands. Vikram/Manav calls Sarab. Sarab puts it on speaker and says you remembered me? Where are you? Manav says I am near you. People just don’t respect their own nowadays. He asks when they are coming back? Sarab says our flight is for tonight. Meher leaves from there to go to the washroom. Manav comes to Meher and says can I get pasta too? Sarab is on the call with him and says you are having pasta too? Manav says yes I love it. Meher leaves from there. Sarab asks Manav if he is with someone?

Meher comes back to Sarab. Sarab tells Manav that tomorrow is our anniversary so you should come to our party. Manav says let me congratulate Meher also. Manav tells Meher says we will celebrate our anniversary together. Meher is stunned and turns to see Sarab gone from there. He is talking to another man so Meher ends the call.
Sarab meets his college friend and calls Meher too. Manav eyes them and says she is pretending to be happy but I am her Manav and she will be happy with me only. I will pacify her and get her back. We both will be happy together. Sarab and Meher leave the restaurant. Manav comes to their table and sees the box there.

Scene 2
Ginni scolds her husband for not having a job. Bitto and him go to change for the interview.

The manager comes to Sarab’s room and says you forgot your box at the table. Sarab thanks him and closes the door. Sarab tells Meher that I got this beautiful red tiara for you, he hugs her and says you will look so pretty. Meher opens the box and finds green tiara. Sarab says I got the red tiara for you.

Manav has the red tiara that Sarab got for Meher. He says I know what you like Meher. Tomorrow I will beg to Sarab and tell him that I can’t live without you. Hi mom calls him and says Aditi went to her family’s house, is everything fine? He says yes. She says we will go to Meher and Sarab’s anniversary tomorrow.

Ginni is taking both brothers’ interview to get them practiced. She asks what’s your education? They say the 10th standard. She asks about the independence day but they don’t know. They both fail the interview.

Param calls Meher and says if they reached the airport? She says we are just leaving the hotel. Param asks the driver to go and pick them from the airport on time.

Manav’s parents sit down together. She says I am going to make an Italian dish for Viki. Aditi comes there. Manav’s mother says I will make food for Viki. Aditi says it doesn’t matter, he has changed. I have always struggled in my life but then Viki came in my life and I thought my life would be complete but after the wedding, his behavior has changed. Viki’s mom says their job is like that, it’s stressful so don’t worry. Viki’s father says he will love and take care of you.

Manav is at the airport and waiting for Meher. He sees Meher coming alone in the airport and follows her. He says gobi de paratha. He says I don’t want to lose you. Sarab comes there and says whom you don’t want to lose? Meher gets tensed. Sarab and Manav glare at each other. Manav says I saw you both and came here, I don’t want to lose you both here. Sarab says you came here all of a sudden? Sarab says I wanted to meet you. Manav says why? Sarab says we will talk calmly when we reach India. I talked to you and you didn’t tell me you were here? Manav says I came for a secret meeting here, he leaves from there. Sarab says I will talk to him and won’t let him destroy Aditi’s life.

Choti Sardarni 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab caresses Meher’s face and kisses her forehead. He is in the party and sitsy on his knees. Meher gives her hand to him and he kisses it. Manav is angry to see that.


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