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Choti Sardarni 15th October 2021 People gather around. Rajveer tries to pull Seher. People hold his rope. Rajveer pulls them up. The girl cries and says who are you people? Why did you risk your life for me? Rajveer says I am your brother. Seher says God sent us to save you. What’s your name? She says Rimi. Seher says life is the greatest blessing and you were going to end it? Rajveer gives her water.

Seher says what has happened to you? She cries. Seher says if your life in danger? Your husband is threatening you? SHe says I am not married. If I stay alive I will have to do things I don’t want to. Rajveer says who’s pushing you? Your family? Seher says you don’t need to be scared. We will protect you. RAjveer says I am CM’s brother. Come with us. You will be safe. Some goons are keeping an eye on her.

Scene 2
Anurita finds out location of the farm house. He asks how did you find out? She says there’s someone who helps me in thathouse. Karan says thank Anu. Let’s go right now.

Seher says let us talk to your family. All problems would be solved. She says no those problems can’t be solve. She cries. Seher says I am with you. Don’t cry. Tell me what’s in your heart. You can consider me your friend. I will find a solution. Rimi says sometimes there’s no solution. Only pain and darkness is left. Seher says in heart something traumatic has happened with her. She faints. Seher holds her and says don’t worry. You will be safe in our farm house.

Scene 3
Harsh calls Ramila and says keep an eye on Param and Karan. Ramila says my men are on the way. Harsh says why haven’t Seher and RAjveer reached yet? Ramila comes out and sees Seher. She says Seher has come alone and there is a man with her not Seher. I don’t know where he is. Harsh says what is this? She keeps creating problems. Harshdeep asks all her men to leave.

Seher calls Rimi’s family to the farm house. Her mom asks what happened? Seher says what happened? Her mom cries and says what happened? What happened? Why are you doing this? Rimi says don’t come near me. You all are responsible for this. Seher says she wants to stay away from you. Give her time. She asks maid to take her inside. Rimi’s brother says who are you take her away from us?

Seher shoves him and says how dare you enter the house? You thought I am a girl and I can be threatened? Rimi can’t meet anyone. She’s really worried. This is my first and last warning. Don’t try to force her. Her dad says what will you do? Seher says everything to keep her away from danger. She wants to stay away from you all. Her dad says how can you stop us? Seher says you all have done something bad to her. She was going to kill herself and we saved her. They are shocked. Her mom faints.

The maid gives Rimi water. Rimi’s brother says we won’t go. Seher says I know other ways too. Her dad says we know you are CM’s DIL but you can’t stop us. Seher says don’t even try. Her brother says call the police. Seher says I will tell them she tried to kill herself because of you all. You’ve done something too bad to her. Her mom says no.. Her mom says she’s our daughter. We didn’t do anything wrong. We scolded her. Seher says no one tries to kill themseleves over scolding. What did you do to her?

Her bother says it’s our personal matter. Seher says not anymore. We can’t risk her life. You will only meet her when she wants. HEr dad says please let us meet her. Let us talk to her once. She’s our daughter. We will talk to her in front of you. Her mom says I beg you. Please. She cries and says let us talk to her once please. Seher says don’t cry. Let me talk to her. If she agrees only then you can meet her. It will be in front of me only. She will only go home if she agrees.

Scene 4
Param and Karan are on the way. Karan says go straigh. A police van stops their car. THe inspector says you’ve hit our car. Can’t you see? Param says you were coming from wrong side. The inspector says you will tell us the law? He says arrest them. KAran says we have to go somewhere. Insepctor says you’re only going to the jail. Karan says you were coming from wrong way. He says come to the station. They arrest Param and Karan. The inspectors calls Harsh and says it’s done.

Rimmi calls her friend Sukhi. She says I was going to kill myself but that girl Seher saved me. Sukhi says I want to die too. Rimi comes says don’t say that. Our lives are precious. Seher told me. Our stories are the same. I don’t know what to do. Seher says come out with me. Your family wants to talk to you. I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.

Rimi’s dad says Rimi you tried to kill yourself? We scolded you and you took such a big step? Her mom says you are my life. Are you okay? You’re my wealth. If anything happened to you we would be gone. Her dad says if anything happened to you we would give our lives too. You are the reason we live. Her brother says they are accusing us;. Seher says Rimi don’t come under any pressure.

Her dad says you can punish me but don’t throw it in public. Parents can never go against their kids. Ask this girl if her parents would ever harm them. Seher recalls Sarab said parents are always there for kids. Her mom says we did it all for you and our family and now you’re leaving us as well? She cries.

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