Choti Sardarni 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 16th January 2020 Episode Start With Sarab leaves with Sanjana. Dimple doesn’t see her. She is on call with Meher and says I will let you know if anything is wrong.
Sarab leaves Sanjana. He says I am sorry for all the trouble. Sanjana says I can imagine how you’re handling all this and not telling your wife. She’s lucky to have you. Sarab says Param and I are luckier. He says till when are you in this hotel? She says until Param gets well. I will look after his project. She leaves.

Param reads the poem, mama gives me love and care. Sarab comes in. He is teary. Sarab hugs him and says papa is here. Param says what did you bring me today? Param says you made me sad by not getting me anything. Meher says don’t say that. He got you so many toys. Should I get dinner ready? Sarab says I have eaten already. I have some work. Sarab locks himself and cries. Meher knocks and says are you okay? He says I am working. Don’t worry, please sleep.

Meher is sleeping with Param. Sarab looks at them. The song tujhse naraz nahi zindagi plays. Sanjana calls Sarab. He goes out to pick. Meher sees his leaving. Sanjana says I am really sorry. None of your family members can donate. Sarab says why? She says I checked the reports. Harleen’s tissues don’t match. Dolly’s blood doesn’t match. And Khushi, her blood group doesn’t match either. Sarab leaves the phone and sits down crying. Meher comes there. She looks at Sarab. Sarab says you.. Meher says we need to talk. What are you hiding from me? Tell me. Sarab sats I? What would I hide? Why would you say that? Meher says eyes say it all. Your eyes are so red. Sarab says I wasn’t feeling well. Meher says so you thought you would come here? Meher says you can’t lie. Don’t even try. Meher says I can look in your eyes and tell your heart. I know you that much. Meher says what’s troubling you so much? Why can’t you tell it to me? I am really worried about you. Please tell me. Sarab says there’s nothing. Don’t worry. Meher says there is something. I have seen you tense.

Scene 2
Kulwant is out with Yuvi. She says why did you stop? He says dadi I don’t understand you sometimes, like maths questions. You don’t speak in the house and now you’re speaking. What is this? Kulwant says speaking in that house didn’t get me anything. Now you see how I make noise in that house with silence. Kulwant picks some plants and says wonderful. Someone else will shout for me.

Scene 3
Param and Sarab are playing hide and seek. Param tries to find Meher and Sarab. He starts crying and says Meher mama where are you. A chandelier falls on him. Sarab wakes up in fear. Param says what happened papa? Did you get scared in sleep? I am with you. I am a strong son. Sarab hugs him. Param says what happened? Param says papa needs morning tea. He leaves. Harleen asks Sarab can we donate? What did the reports say? Sarab says none of us can. Harleen cries. Sarab says don’t cry. A donor is coming today. Her reports would match. Harleen hugs him. Sarab says nothing would happen to our Param.

Sarab is at the hotel. He calls Sanjana and says where is the donor Seema? She says I am stuck in traffic. The donor would come in a while. Seema’s reports say she can be a likely match. She would be able to donate. Sarab says thank God. Seema comes in with her face covered. Sarab says come in, please. Sarab gives her water. Sarab says would you like tea? She says no. Sarab says you have come as an angel for my Sarab. I will do everything for your family. Param is my life, you are donating for him. I never thought this would happen to my Param. I never thought he would have a tumor in his liver. Please if you see my wife, don’t tell her. She is pregnant. I can’t give her a stress this big. Bell rings. It’s Sanjana with the real donors. Sarjana says they were waiting in the lobby. This is Seema, the donor. Sarab is shocked. He says who is that woman then? It’s Meher. She turns her face towards Sarab. Sarab is shocked.

Choti Sardarni 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab says I wanted to tell you but.. Meher holds his hand and takes him to temple. Meher says nothing would happen to our Param.


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