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Choti Sardarni 16th June 2021 Daar ji sits upset outside. Sarab comes to him with his stick and says hit me and leave me like you did 25 years ago. Leave me alone. I used to ask everyone where is my Daar ji. I would open door and think you would be there but you weren’t. Now you are here after 25 years, you want to take this blessing from me.

Meher says to Bitu and Rana give the necklace back. They say we didn’t steal anything. Swear on Jagga Veer ji. Meher says Tai ji sometimes things are around, but we can’t see them. Let me see in your room. Tai ji says Harleen call the police. I will punish them. Sarab says I know we did a mistake but I was all alone. My mom and dad left me as well. You were in this world but still away from us. You always forgave me, please forgive this time too.

Seher cries. Param and Karan give her water. Seher says if dadi gave me equal money, I won’t have taken it. Sarab says please hit me Daar ji, scold me but don’t leave me. He says once I decide it’s final. Sarab says I know my Daar ji’s decision can never change. I can’t stop you then. I just want to show you something before you go.

Scene 2
Tai ji says I doubted you from day one that you wanted to steal that necklace.

Sarab shows Daar ji his name on the wall. He says this name has always been there and will always be. Sarab wrote it in the childhood. Sarab says I won’t let it remove till my last breath. This family’s dignity is everything for me and I won’t ever let anything happen to it. Daar ji is about to give him blessing. The police come in.

Tai ji says don’t do this drama Meher. Don’t try to look for it. You stole it. Meher says I didn’t steal it. I will punish the person who did. Tai ji says how will you punish yourself? Return my necklace. Daar ji asks who called the police in Gill mansion? This is our family matter. Dolly says Tai ji asked Harleen.

Meher keeps looking for the necklace. She finds it on the table. tai ji shocked. Meher says see I told you it must be home. Tai ji says don’t tell anyone that I left it in the room. Seher comes out and says the necklace is found. It was in dadi’s room. Mama found it. Daar ji asks the police to leave. Daar ji says to Bitu and Rana forgive me for this.. Sarab says what are you saying. You’re their elder. Sarab says I apologize, we made a mistake. Bitu says what’s the point? Rana says we also have a dignity. You insulted it. Bitu says we won’t ever have come here. We will only forgive you when.. Daar ji leaves.

Scene 3
Daar says shame on you Amrit. What did she ask for? Our love and blessings? You only hated her. Why? Instead of hugging her you accused her? I was proud of myself. You have ashamed me. Meher says don’t say that Daar ji. Daar ji says it’s all her mistake. Because of her I had to apologize. Tai ji says I am your wife. Don’t let your anger of others on me. I never ashamed you, it happened because of you. Her mom is in jail, she went to jail and he daughter was born there. Ask her what crime did she do?

Sarab says she didn’t do anything wrong. She was wrongfully accused of killing her own brother. See this verdict. She was evicted with all the respect and my daughter was in Meher’s womb when she got arrested. Tai ji says wow keep making stories with these files. Daar ji says bad things only happen to good people. Did you forget what our own son and DIL did to us? She says she’s just like her, Lovely. That’s why she asked her daughter to tell everyone that the necklace is found. Meher says but I was here.. I don’t know when she went downstairs. Tai ji says don’t do this drama. She is like lovely. She will also ruin our life. Daar ji gets angry and is about to slap her. Meher sytands in front of her and Sarab holds her hand. Sarab says no Daar ji please don’t scold her because of us. She is our mother. Tai ji says don’t do this drama Meher. You’re behind all this.

Daar ji grasps her and hand and drags her out. He shuts the door. Tai ji cries outside. Meher comes there. Everyone comes. She runs out in anger.

Scene 4
Meher cooks the food. Harleen says Meher Daar ji won’t eat. What if he gets more angry and leaves? Meher says he will have to eat. He’s mad at us not the food. Meher says Sarab we should have told them. We were late. Our trust is shaken. They fought because of us as wall. We have to tell Daar ji about Karan as well. Sarab is scared.

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