Choti Sardarni 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 16th November 2021 Seher comes to the clinic and says I wish I didn’t have to come without you Rajveer. Gaitri asks Rajveer didn’t come? Seher says no. He can’t come but you can tell me. Gaitri says congratulations Seher, you are pregnant. Sheer is shocked. Seher cries. She recalls her moments with Rajveer. Seher says I can’t believe this. I love him so much, he isn’t with me but his child is. The child that we dreamed of but Raj..

Rajveer is in the jail. He hears a couple talking about their kids. The woman says I miss you a lot. Seher sees her sonography and cries. Seher recalls she said she’s grateful that she isn’t pregnant. Param and Karan give her an abortion form. Seher is shocked. Param says after what happened, this doesn’t mean anything.

Kulwant says she can decide for her life. It’s her life. Let her make her choices. Years ago, there was a girl pregnant and someone tried to abort her child. The someone was me and the child was Karan. But now that won’t repeat. It will be Seher’s decision. She will decide what to do. Seher says this child will come to the world. What’s his fault. I will bring him. Kulwant says I will support you. She tears the form apart.

Scene 2
Harshdeep comes to Rajveer. She asks the inspector where is Rajveer? Inspector says you can’t meet him. He has asked us not to let you meet him. She says even God can’t stop me from meeting him. I am the CM and his sister. Where is he?

Param says Rajveer has done so much and still? Seher says he hasn’t done anything. He is doing this to save dida. I will tell him everything and give him a chance. Kulwant says I hope he’s like what you think.

Scene 3
Harshdeep says why did you do this Rajveer? He says you left me no other option. Harshdeep says please don’t say that. tell them you are lying. Tell them it’s all a lie. Tell them you didn’t kill Kunal. I can’t see you like this. The court might.. Rajveer says give me death sentence? Right? Seher comes outside.

Rajveer says you have given me death sentence already when you ruined my Seher’s life and trapped her. Whatever you did to me, I still consider you my God. I will take your sins on me. I will destroy my life for you. Harshdeep says don’t give me such a big punishment. Rajveer says this is your punishment. To see your brother being given death sentence. Harshdeep says no please.

Seher faints. The constable picks her. They give her water. Harshdeep says please listen Raj.. Rajveer says never try to meet me again. Harshdeep says no please. She cries. Harshdeep leaves. She doesn’t see Seher. Seher comes to Rajveer. He says I told you to.. He sees Seher and is shocked. Seher says I know you didn’t do this. You can’t even imagine it. rajveer says you don’t know anything.

Seher says I know you love your dida so much. You’re a pious man. Why are you supporting the wrong? She did wrong, and you taking her blame on you is also wrong. Please don’t do this. For me, for yourself for out.. Rajveer looks away. Seher says Raj.. I came here to tell you something.

A very important and special thing. Seher says I will only tell you if you tell the police you have nothing to do with this. Rajveer says truth? What I am saying is the truth. The earlier you accept it the better. Seher says stop lying. Seher says okay if that’s your decision, my decision is I can’t see you destroy your life like this. I will go far away from you. Seher leaves. Rajveer looks at her and cries.

Scene 4
Seher is at home. She says what place has life brought me to. I couldn’t even tell Raj I am pregnant. Karan says your favorite popcorn. I made them. Seher says I don’t feel like. He says smile then please? What if I get you your most favorite thing? Seher says I don’t know what to do. Param brings her ice cream. Seher doesn’t eat it. The try to cheer her up. Karan disguises as Kulwant. Seher doesn’t laugh. They keep joking to make her happy. Bitu, Rana and Kulwant come as well to cheer her up. Seher leaves the room. Param brings their family photo with Meher and Sarab. Seher smiles. Karan wipes her tears.


Choti Sardarni 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher packs her bags. Kulwant brings her tickets. Some terrorists come to the airport.


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