Choti Sardarni 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 16th September 2020 Episode starts with Seema saying  I hope everything works out. Sarab says to Meher you look good in tension. Meher says your focus should be there. Param says mama papa, come see what’s happening. Vikram is on his knees and says please forgive me. I will say sorry every day and night. I really love you. Will you marry me? Aditi gives him her hand. Everyone claps. Harleen hugs Aditi. Vikram says give her the ring before she’s mad again. Seema gives Aditi ring. Aditi makes Vikram wear the ring.

Sarab has a rin too. Harleen says whose ring is that? sarab smiles. Sarab says Guddi your connection is made for heart. Meher says she’s a doctor she knows already. Meher says she’s a doctor. She knows veins and their connections to the the heart. Sarab says no one knows about heart better than me. Meher says you never told me. He says you never gave a chance. Meher says would you if I give you a chance? He says yes. Everyone claps. Seema says thank God, Aditi and Vikram got engaged on right time. They leave.

Sarab comes to Meher. He says in heart I have to tell her what’s in my heart. Meher says did you choose the ring? I really liked the choice. He says I liked another ring as well. So I got it as well. Meher says why two rings? He shows her the ring. Meher says it’s beautiful. He says not more than you. Sarab gets on his knees. Meher gives himher hand. He makes Meher wear the ring. Meher says but I didn’t make you wear anything. She tears her dupatta and ties it on his hand. Param comes and says an aunt and uncle came to meet you.

An ACP is there with a rep from Serbia. He says she’s from Serbia. There’s a summon in your wife’s name. She physically asaulted a policeman there. Now he has filed a case. She has run from Serbia and we are here to take her with us. Sarab is shocked. ACP says we have to take her in custody today. Sarab says how can you do that? He says it’s a diplomatic matter. Sarab says give me sometime. Don’t arrest her. I will find soemthing out. The woman says if she doesn’t appear in the court in next 4 days, we will arrest her. Meher comes and asks Sarab who was she? Sarab says she came for some work. I need to sleep. Meher says what happened?

Harleen says all okay? Meher says yes let me speak to Sarab. Meher comes to the room. Sarab calls his men and asks them to arrange a lawyer. Meher says what is it? Sarab says nothing. Meher says I know there’s something. You promised me you will always tell me things. Sarab says you hit a policeman to run in Serbia. His wife has filed a case against you. But don’t worry. I will never let anything happen to you. We are together, we can win any war. Do you trust me? She says more than anyone.

Sarab says we will have to go Serbia. Meher says I won’t go anywhere without kids. Param says promise me you will never leave me alone. Meher and Sarab say promise. Meher says how will we manage it in four days? Param says what will happen in four days? Aditi comes with Karan and says he’s crying. He can’t stay without you for a moment. Param says mama, make us both sleep.

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