Choti Sardarni 17th April 2021Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 17th April 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 17th April 2021 Sandhya says what happened Harleen di? She says don’t call me di. Because of you we lost Meher and now Sarab is in thic condition. All this happened because of you. Get out of here. Robbie says calm down. Harleen says get ou right now. Sandhya says I am sorry but I can’t go anywhere. Sarab has given me the responsibility of the kids. I won’t go anywhere. Neither

Sarab, nor I have done any sin. Sarab says I will go home tomorrow at any cost. I will get my kids. Seher says why am I scared? Param says papa will come? People start protesting against Sarab. They throw stones inside and berak the glasses. They throw papers, Sarab is a murderer. Harleen says my brother isn’t a murderer. Harleen says this all is happening because of you.

Scene 2
Meher is at the hospital. Harleen calls Kulwant. She says we have to be strong. If they take Sarab to Haryana, we won’t be able to save him. Do anything you can and stop them from going out of Punjab.

The kids wake up and look for Sarab. Harleen says happy besakhi. Param says didn’t you sleep? Robbie says we were doing some work. Seher says did police lock papa? Karan says did papa lose? Karan says bua call papa and ask. Sandhya says papa called. Param says what did he say? Sandhya says he asked us to prepare for besakhi. Seher has to look after flowers and decorations. Karan will get security done. Param will decide the menu. Seher says wow I got the best task. Karan says I will do the security. Sandhya says Sarab will come don’t worry.

Harleen says why did you lie to the kids? What if we don’t get Sarab out? Robbie says minster has also backed out. Harleen calls IG and says what are you doing? They are going to get Sarab out of the city. He says are trying. He says to his men don’t pick their recalls again until Sarab has left Punjab.

Scene 3
Kulwant says to the inspector you know what Sarab has done for the people of Punjab. You can take me there instead. She spills water on the file. The manager says she did this on purpose. He says don’t waste time. Kulwant says his kids are waiting for him. The inspector says go from here and don’t waste time.

Sarab says Meher ji, I am blamed of killing you. This isn’t the first time. It happened in Serbia as well. You saved me.

Scene 4
The nurse says call doctor Malik. Tell him the patient is losing her pulse. Her condition is getting worse.

The kids get preps done. Yuvi comes. Seher says see I did all the preps. Karan says I did all the security. Seher says it’s almost 11. Why didn’t papa come? The paat will start any moment. Sandhya says the paat has started. She says we should start the pooja and papa will come. The kids start praying with Sandhya.

Sarab recalls his moments with Meher. The song Judaai plays.

Meher’s condition gets worse. The doctor says she’s not responding. Only her family’s prayers can bring her back now. The kids are praying with Sandhya. Sandhya says why is Kulwant’s phone off? She calls Harleen but her phone is also out of reach. Sandhya is worried. Sandhya says don’t worry. Sarab will come. Ajay says people are here to get donations. Karan says but papa isn’t home. Who will give donations? Papa gives it on besakhi. Seher says papa isn’t here. Ajay says elders give it. Param says I will give the donation. I will start it. Papa will come for sure. Param goes out to give donations. Seher and Karan go with him.

Sarab is being taken to the vehicle. Kulwant says you can’t take him anywhere. She says don’t worry Sarab. I will get you out. Sarab recalls Rajan said he won’t let him do anything. He will take him to Haryana.

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