Choti Sardarni 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 19th July 2021 Meher googles who Saloni is. She finds him in Sarab’s friend list. She reads Saloni is divorced.

Sarab and Saloni meet the lawyer. Sarab says I want this case to proceed fast. He says a lot of time is lost. Sarab says we don’t want to waste any more time. The lawyer says don’t tell anyone about this case yet. He takes their passport.

Meher reads Saloni’s comments on sarab’s photos. Sarab and Saloni eat food. Meher calls Sarab and asks where are you? Saloni says chutney, please. Sarab says in an important meeting. Meher says with who? He says let me call you back. Lawyer bakshi calls. Sarab hangs Meher’s phone and says get the papers ready I will arrange it. Saloni says it’s so spicy. Sarab gives his napkin. She cleans her lips and lipstick stains it. Saloni asks what was Meher saying? Was she doubting? She says wives her good antennas. They sense danger. Sarab laughs. They come out. Saloni holds Sarab’s hand and Param sees them passing by. Meher says he cut my call?

Harleen comes home. Meher asks where is Saran? She says Sarab never came to office. Param says I saw papa. He was with an aunty. Meher is shocked. Harleen says who could it be? Param says she was holding papa’s hand while crossing the road. Meher shows Saloni’s picture and says was it her? He says yes. Meher is shocked. She recalls what Tai ji said. Meher calls Tai ji. Meher asks where are you? She says we are in transit. Daar ji went to get coffee. Why do you look upset? Meher says I am okay. Tai ji says it’s okay to be patient but not to delay it. Sometimes these fights get worse. Meher says can a third person? Tai ji says Sarab can’t ever do that. He’s diamond but if someone ever does, his wife deserves to question. You look worried. All okay? Meher says yes. Tai ji says as long as husband and wife love each other and say the truth, no third person can come between them. Meher says enough.

Scene 2
Sarab comes home. Meher sees his texting. Mehr says what’s so important in your phone? He says I got an urgent call when you called. Then there was no network. I tried calling you. See.. Meher says it never happened before. You would always call back. He says I was stuck. Meher says sit I want to talk. Sarab says thank God you are talking. Meher says who.. Saloni calls. Sarab picks and says yes I am home. I will see you. Sarab says I am really sorry I have to go for something urgent. He leaves without the driver. Meher says why alone? What are you doing?

Meher follows Sarab. Saloni calls him and says where are you? I am waiting. Be careful. Your wife might be following you. Sarab sees Meher. She goes on the other side. Meher says I will find out what’s going on. Sarab comes to a hotel. Meher goes after him. Meher says what is he doing here. Meher asks the watchman Saloni’s house number. She says I am Sarab’s wife. She invited both of us. He tells her. Meher also goes upstairs. Sarab comes to Saloni’s apartment. Saloni hugs him. Meher is shocked. Sarab goes inside. Meher cries. Meher recalls her fight with Sarab. She cries.

Saloni says to Sarab are you tensed? Sarab says I should have shared with Meher ji. She says Meher will know on the right time. I am here don’t worry. Let’s start with what we came here for. Meher rings the bell. Saloni opens the door. She asks who are you? Meher says Meher Kaur Gill. The Meher whose husband is with you in your apartment. Sarab is shocked. Sarab asks Meher ji what are you doing here? Meher says you can ask me but I won’t know. I exactly know why you are here. Saloni says we.. Meher says I am not talking to you. My husband is here because he thinks I don’t deserve him. Sarab is shocked. Sarab says it’s not what you think. Meher says I get everything. It was all a drama. You murdered my love and this marriage. Sarab says listen.. Meher says don’t touch me with your dirty hands. I get everything. Is this your important work? Going on dates? Walking with hand in hand? Chatting all night. Sarab says what are you saying? Meher says the truth. Param also saw you with her in your arms. Sarab says please.. Mehr says I don’t want to hear anything. Meher says Ms. Saloni today is your special day right? Meeting your special friend and college crush? Why didn’t you write your crush has a wife and three kids? You got divorced but your crush has a family. Why didn’t you mention that? Or is your college crush also planning to divorce his wife like you.


Choti Sardarni 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher says how dare you come to our house? Wasn’t calling my husband at your place was enough that you came here as well? Sarab says we have to attend a video call. I hid it because.. Meher says you hide things that are dirty. You can do everything openly now. Because this relationship is no more. Sarab is shocked.


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