Choti Sardarni 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 1st January 2020 Episode Start With Meher recalls what Harleen said. What would you choose? Sarab and Param or your child? Param says mama let’s go sleep. Sarab says in heart I know these days are difficult for you. Everything would be normal between you and Harleen as well. It’s my responsibility to keep you happy. Sarab and Param dance around Meher on Chak de saray gham. They make her dance too. Meher says my child on one side and this happy family on the other.

Scene 2
Kulwant is doing roping. She says everyone is Jitto’s fan here? Jagga says to Rana get ready around 4. Kulwant says where are you taking them all? Jagaa says nothing. Yuvi says they’re all going to watch a movie. Amrita says because he sticks his bubblegum everywhere. Kulwant sees Bitu and Jitto. He says keep your hair loose, that’s how I like them. She says I will show her the movie.

Tarkash gives Sarab a card and says see this new. Sarab is very happy. He dances with Harleen and says I am so happy. Papa had a dream to make this hospital. It’s ready now. See this photo. We will go for inauguration today. Let’s all get ready. Sarab says to Meher my hospital is ready. It was my father’s dream. Get ready. We will all go. Meher says I can’t go. He says are you missing your dad? Meher recalls what Harleen said. He says this was my dad’s dream.

Harleen waits for Sarab in the car. Meher comes as well. Harleen says she can’t be part of our dad’s dream. She says driver let’s go. She leaves without them. Meher says I know she won’t like me coming with you. Sarab holds her hand and says you’re never leaving me. Harleen can’t stay mad at anyone for long. You will come with me for sure.
Meher and Sarab are on their way. Meher says why are you taking a longer route? He says it has bumps. I wouldn’t want any trouble for our child. And when you’re with me, no route is long enough. Radio plays a song hum banay tum banay. They both sing it together. Sarab says beautiful.

Scene 2
The manager says to Sarab, please use the trolly life. The actual elevator isn’t ready. Sarab says this life isn’t safe for Meher. Meher says you go. He says you will come with me. You are my dad’s DIL. Meher looks at Harleen. Meher says you go, please. Sarab picks her. Meher says what are you doing? He picks her and walks the stairs.

Yuvi breaks things in anger. He says where is my bubble gum? I know you hid it. Amrita says I don’t know where it is. Do what you want. Jitto says Yuvi can you get me my comb? Kulwant sticks a bubble gum in her comb. Amrita says you have no manner Yuvi. Yuvi says give me my bubble gum. Amrita slaps him. Kulwant says ask your Jitto chachi. He says first they’re not taking me to the movie and now this. Now see what I do.

Meher says tired? He says you’re so fat. Meher says there are five floors left. He says let’s play a game. Let me check hoe well do you know me? What do I fear the most? Meher says losing your family. Sarab says what’s my hobby? Meher says talking. Sarab says who do I respect the most? Maher says your family. He says three people who are most important to me? Meher says Param, Harleen and Dolly. He says no, you.


Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab falls from the buiding while saving Harleen.


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