Choti Sardarni 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 1st July 2021 Karan leaves with Gita. He recalls his moments with Meher. Kulwant told him to sit in the taxi. The driver asks where are your parents? He says I am alone. Start driving.

Meher wakes up and looks for Karan everywhere. Sarab wakes up and asks what happened. They all look for him. Harleen says he’s nowhere. Sarab checks CCTV.

Karan comes to the railway station and says nani asked me to come here. Which train should I take? Hits down and money falls from his bag. Some kids see him. Karan asks the receptionist to give him a ticket. He says where are your parents? He says they are my parents. They asked me to get the ticket. He gives Karan the ticket. The kids are following him. Scene 2
Sarab shouts at the guard and says were you sleeping? Where did my son go? Daar ji asks them to get the cars. He says I am going to the highway to check. Meher says their CCTV footage isn’t downloading. Daar ji says Robbie you go to hotels and the bus stands and asks Sarab to go to the police station. Harleen says this is his drama always. I will come with you. They all leave.

Dolly says it’s good that he left. I hope he never comes back. The problems would be over.

Scene 3
Karan sits in the car and sees kids with their parents. He gets upset and recalls his moments with his parents. A woman asks where are your parents? He says I have no one. The man says where are you going alone? The kids snatch his bags. Karan runs after them and gets off the train. The woman says he looks like a good house. Let’s call the police.

Meher and Sarab tell about Karan and his bag’s color and shoes. Inspector gets a call from the woman about Karan. He says is he at the railway station? Meher and Sarab rush to the railway station.

Bitu calls Kulwant and says I got late. I can’t find Karan. Kulwant says find him or I will kill you. Karan snatches his bag. The kids fight with him. The police come there. The kids run. Karan runs with his bag towards the train and hides in the washroom. Kulwant calls him but his phone falls in the toilet. Karan screams at my phone. The door gets locked. Karan screams someone opens the door.

Scene 3
Seher and Param call Karan’s friends and ask if he came there. Karan screams and cries someone open the door. I am locked here. Meher and Sarab look for Karan at the railway station. They ask people. Meher sees his jacket on the floor. She picks it and cries. Bitu calls Kulwant and says Meher and Sarab are here. He shows them crying. Kulwant laughs and says this is just the beginning. I will make them cry all their lives.

Karan cries and says open the door. The door opens. Karan runs out. Meher says Karan is here. The ask the receptionist. He says this kid brought a ticket for the Dehli train. It’s leaving. The train leaves in front of Meher and Sarab. Meher and Sarab cry. The inspector calls the next station and asks them to get the train stopped there. He asks Sarab and Meher to leave for the next station.

Karan jumped out of the train. He walks on the track and looks for his phone. A kid has his phone. Karan runs and says give me my phone. He runs after him. A train comes. Karan picks his phone but the train comes towards him. Sarab jumps in to save him. Meher screams.. Sarab hugs Karan. Meher says Karan are you okay? They hug him. Meher says papa saved you. You are okay. Karan is shocked and scared.

Meher and Sarab give Karan water and make him sit. Karan recalls when he was kidnapped. He says last time you said no to saving me from those kidnappers. They were going to shoot me because you didn’t give them money. Why did you save me now? Meher and Sarab recall him saying that in the sleep. Meher says who kidnapped you? When? Bitu and Karan are hearing. Meher says who was shooting you? Sarab says tell us, please. Kulwant says if Karan tells them I am gone.


Choti Sardarni 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Karan says I was kidnapped. Meher says when? Sarab says who kidnapped you. Kulwant collides with Param in the school and her phone falls. It plays Meher’s recording saying if I had to choose between Param and Karan, I would choose Karan.


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