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Choti Sardarni 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 20st May 2021 Karan says you always lie. You said you will give me today. Param says this is my hoverboard. If you want, request it not demand. Karan says so you won’t give it to me? Param says not in this tone. Karan says I can snatch it. Dolly says you will snatch it from Param? Harleen did you hear? Robbie says they are kids. Relax Momsi. Dolly says today he’s talking about snatching hoverboard tomorrow he will snatch the property. Harleen says Karan talk your size. Go to your room. Karan says I will complain Meher mama about you both and Param. Mama is okay now, she will get e a new hoverboard. Dolly says how can he threaten our Param like that? How can he snatch things? We have to stop him. Robbie says come on Momsi. They are kids. Harleen says Momsi you do what you think is right. You have all my support.

Karan cries. Seher asks what happened? She is also crying. Karan says Harleen bua and Dolly bua scolded me. Param isn’t giving me his hoverboard. Seher says that’s a small thing in front of what I am crying for. See this album. Before the wedding, mama baba had so many questions and they took Param to all the functions. See the photos, he’s in every event. Karan says they took him to Serbia as well? Seher says they take us nowhere. Karan says you are right. This is a big problem.

Scene 2
Sarab says why can’t we marry again? Meher says what’s the reason to marry again? Karan and Seher come in. They ask why didn’t take us to your wedding? You took Param everywhere. Sarab laughs. He says we have a reason now. Sarab says you are right kids. Tell them Meher ji, why didn’t we take them to our wedding? Karan says don’t you love us? Sarab says look at their innocent faces. Don’t you love them? For their happiness and photos, can’t we marry again? Don’t they have a heart and wishes? Look at them. They look so sad. You wanted a reason, here it is. For my kids, I am ready to marry you again. But waiting for your yes. Karan says please say yes Meher mama. Please marry papa again. Seher says yes, please.

Kulwant says to Dolly these mangoes are more expensive than your house in Canada. Dolly says did you ever study? Kulwant says I studied for 4 grades. Dolly says you must have bribed your teacher to pass those classes. Kulwant says yeah I talk to elders with respect Dolly aunty. Dolly says Harleen why did you marry Sarab in their house? Kulwant says you came to our house with the proposal. We didn’t come here. We have done so much already. Dolly says the wedding food was so bad. Kulwant says your eyesight is weak. Dolly says you were wearing such a dirty suit. They got clothes stitched from cheap tailors. Kulwant says you looked like a bird played Holi. Dolly says shut up. Kulwant says you shut up. Sarab calms them down. Dolly says tell your MIL We are the best. Kulwant says tell them we are the best.

Sarab says we can decide it this week. Harleen says this week? Sarab says everyone will get the chance to prove who’s the best. Everyone will get a chance to show their swag. Harleen says what’s happening? He says wedding. Sarab says Meher and I have decided. We are getting married again. We married because of our circumstances last time but this time we will marry because of love. We will have all 3 kids at the wedding. The kids say yayy. Seher says why were Dolly dadi and nani fighting? What’s in these boxes. Kulwant says I got mangoes for everyone. Seher and kids get happy. Meher says mango attack. All the kids take the mangoes. Everyone eats the mangoes and enjoy. Kulwant says aren’t they tasty? The kids say amazing. Param picks a mango. Karan says that’s mine. Return it. Param says there are so many take any. Sarab says Karan don’t fight. He is your brother. Meher says Param, Karan is young. Don’t fight like that. Dolly leaves. Seher says mama there’s mango on Param’s shirt, please clean it. Meher says let me egt napkins. Sarab asks Karan and Paramo to shake hands. Karan says will you let me play with your hoverboard?

Scene 3
Meher and Sarab go out for a long drive. Sarab says I didn’t think about the honeymoon. Meher says you better not think. Sarab says newlyweds go for the honeymoon. Meher says yeah newlyweds do, not parents of three kids. He says we will be newlyweds. We can go to Europe. Meher says we will quarantine for 14 days. He says I would love to be locked in the same room with you. Meher says you will get a slap. Sarab says why do you bring violence in between love. Sarab stops his car suddenly. A man on a cycle comes in front of another car. Meher recalls when Sarab met an accident and a truck hit him. She recalls the truck’s number.

Scene 4
Kulwant says there’s good news. Jeeto says are you going somewhere? Kulwant says shut up. Kulwant says Meer and Sarab are getting married again. Yuvi says again? Kulwant says yes again. There’s a wedding in this house. Prepare for it

Scene 5
Meher and Sarab bring the person to the hospital. Sarab says I will take care of the costs. The police ask if anyone noticed the number? Meher tells him the vehicle number. He says if someone knows the number it becomes a lot easier to identify the culprit. Meher says can an old case also be investigated if we know the car number? He says yes. Sarab asks which case? Meher says your accident. That was left incomplete. I will investigate it now.

Kulwant prays and says thank you God for fixing my relationship with my daughter. She recalls killing Manav, troubling Meher and Sarab, getting Karan killed, burning her house, making Meher cry while forcing her to marry Sarab, trying to stab her, and hitting Sarab with a truck. Kulwant says thank you for washing my sins and forgiving me. After today, no one will recall my old past.

Sarab says it was an accident. Let it go. Meher says no, someone tried to kill you. I won’t leave that person. Sarab says forget it. Meher says I can’t forget it. I will find out who attacked you and I won’t let them live.


Choti Sardarni 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher asks Kulwant I want a help. I want to ask about a truck. Kulwant says what truck? Meher says the truck that tried to kill sarab. I want to know about the truck and the driver. Kulwant recalls it was her.


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