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Choti Sardarni 21st August 2020 Meher and Sarab get ready in black. Meher asks Lalita did you have food? She says I don’t feel like. Sarab says you are part of our family now. None of us sleep without food. Sarab asks the chef to make her favorite dishes. Param asks where are you going? Meher says we are going to Dr. Aditi’s place for dinner and the good news is that we are not taking Karan with us. Param says and me? Sarab says we will get late and you sleep on time. Param says I will stay up. Meher says okay you get ready. Meher says Lalita Param is going with us, please don’t play with his new block game. Param recalls hiding inhaler in it. Param says I don’t want to go. I want to play with the blocks. Meher says okay but sleep by 9. Meher and Sarab leave.

Aditi welcomes Meher and Sarab. Meher gives her flowers. Sarab says nice house. Where is Dewan? Aditi says he’s making food for both of you so he’s in the kitchen. She says let me get drinks. Sarab gets a call and goes out. Meher walks around the hall. Meher sees many paintings. She touches one where a man is trying to hold a woman’s hand. Meher comes in front of mirrors. She looks back. Meher sees in the mirror and sees Manav. She turns back. Vikram is there. He walks weirdly towards Meher. Meher recalls her moments with Manav. Lights blink. Vikram’s shoes are leaving blood behind. There’s a knife stabbed in his back. Meher is shocked and scared. The song teri qismat ich plays. Meher recalls his death. Vikram falls down in her feet. Meher screams and shouts.

Sarab comes and says what happened Meher ji? Sarab looks at Vikram. He says, Mr. Dewan? What happened? Aditi comes as well. Vikram laughs. Aditi says what is this nonsense? He says I was just doing acting for fun. He says I will do acting that both of you will be shocked. Meher is in shock. Sarab tries to console her. Vikram says I bet with Aditi that I will do acting that both of you will not recognize me. He says give me my 5k? He recalls Aditi asked him so you would walk in front of Meher with a knife in your back? Why do you want to do that drama? He said you have to take a few steps back to move forward better. Just like chess. Kulwant said twice, I will attack you twice on the back. I will stab you. He said there’s some connection with backstabbing, Manav and me. I want to see Meher’s reaction when she sees me stabbed. I will see how she reacts. So I will do this drama. You will have to act as well and shout at me. Aditi says Vicky this isn’t funny. Meher got so scared. Vikram says sorry Mrs. Gill. He asks Aditi to take it off. Meher recalls when Bitu took off the knife from his back. Vikram says this fake. He shows her the knife. Meher is in shock. Aditi says I apologize on Vikram’s behalf. We do a charity drama show. What Vikram did was an act of the same drama. Meher says washroom? Adit says I will show you.

Vikram says I am sorry Mr. Gill. The joke went too off. Sarab says it wasn’t a joke, it was an insult. Vikram says I am sorry if Meher got hurt. But you weren’t as scared as Meher. Why? She said a name.. Let it go. Sarab leaves. Vikram laughs and sings a song. Meher comes to the restroom and recalls everything. Meher cries and sobs. She tries to wash her face. Meher recalls Kulwant killing Manav. Meher holds her head. She recalls Bitu and Rana dragging Manav outside and throwing him in the river. Meher sobs but tries not to make a noise. Sarab knocks outside and says Meher please open the door.

Scene 2
Param plays with the blocks. He says when I grow up, I will make a palace like this. When will I grow up? Lalita recalls Aditi said when Param grows up with this medicine his brain would stop working. Param says this room would be mine and this would mama papa’s and this would be yours. Lalita sees the inhaler on the floor. Param says please go to your room. I want to sleep. Lalita says let Karan finish his milk then I will go.

Vikram says did you see Meher’s reaction? My doubts are confirmed now. There’s some secret that they are hiding. Aditi says I don’t know how will they react. They are very upset. You did wrong. Vikram says I told you sometimes you have make wrong moves in chess and life to make the right ones. Tonight will what Vikram will gain and what Sarab will lose. Don’t let them go home early. Aditi recalls giving the inhaler to Param and says I can’t let them go home early anyway.

Param says go Lalita aunty I want to sleep. Lalita walks out. Param takes out the inhaler and says Karan, do you want it first or do I? He sings a poem on it and says first Param’s turn.
Meher walks downstairs in shock. Sarab holds her. At the house, Param opens the inahler. Sarab says we are leaving. Good night. Vikram says in heart if they leave my plan would be ruined.

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