Choti Sardarni 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 21st May 2021 Meher asks inspector I want details of another truck. Sarab says no we don’t want it. He takes meher out. Sarab says forget about it. Harleen calls and says bring shagun chunri.

Karan makes Param wear garland. Karan says you’re the best. Param says you’re the best. Seher says you both are the best. Param and Karan hug. Harleen smiles. Seher says I made you friends. I will never let them fight. Momsi is eating sweets. Karan says make me eat. She comes near him and says there’s one sweet and two brothers. Who would you give it to Seher? Seher cuts it in half and says simple. Seher says yayy. Harleen says Seher doesn’t differentiate between Karan and Param. Dolly says they are different and we will make everyone see that.

Sarab and Meher come to the tailor. He says sorry chunri couldn’t get ready. Tailors aren’t coming. The embroidery isn’t done. Sarab says to Meher I have a solution. Sarab takes Meher onside there are many chunris. Sarab makes Meher wear one. The song mein tera sang hi rehna ji. Meher hugs Sarab. Sarab falls on Meher.

Scene 2
Karan says why? Why can’t I take it? You have Seher earrings and param chain but not this sword to me. Harleen says this is for sarbala. Seher says who’s that? Dolly says the one who goes with the groom. He comes in horse with sword. Karan says I’ll be there sarbala. Param says I’ll be the sarbala. Harleen says Param will be the sarbala. Dolly says the stronger one will become the sarbala. Let me check who that it.

Scene 3
Sarab does the embroidery himself. He cuts his hand. Meher holds his hand. Sarab says thank you for always saving me. Meher says i wish i could save you that day as well. sarab says chunri is ready.

Param says I will become sarbala. Karan data we will see. They get ready for boxing. Harleen says what is Karan injures param. Dolly says I am here to handle. The kids start boxing. Seher says stop please. Dolly says bad boots stop. They keep hitting each other. Param says I won. I will become the sarbala.

Sarab drops Meher to Kulwant’s place. Meher hugs him and says I’ll miss you. He says I’ll miss you too. I will come with the chunri.

Scene 4
Meher sees a truck and recalls the accident. Kulwant asks what happened? This is just a toy. Meher says mummy ji I want your help. Meher says I want you to find about the truck that tried to kill Sarab. I want to know about that truck and the driver. Kulwant recalls it was her. She’s shocked. Meher says what happened? You know people. Find out whose truck is that.

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