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Choti Sardarni 22nd May 2021 Kulwant says the truck’s number. Meher gets a call. Karan is crying. Meher says what happened? Why are you crying? Karan sobs. Kulwant tells the wrong number on the call. Karan says Param.. Seher says he didn’t give the hoverboard to Karan. Meher says don’t cry. Smile like my good boy. Meher asks Kulwant what happened? She says he will get the number. The person says we will have details in a few hours. Kulwant says don’t worry. I will handle it. I will go shopping. Meher says I have done shopping already. Kulwant says we have to go shopping. You have to select things for that Dolly as well.

Karan says if Param doesn’t say sorry to me, I will complain to mama and papa. They will scold him. Param comes and says you will get me scolded. Param sis down and holds his ears. Param says sorry Karan. Mama says sports fight in the ground only. We are brothers in the house. Let’s hug. Karan says but what will I do with my eye? Mama papa will know everything. Seher says I have an idea.

Scene 2
Harleen says if Sarab sees Karan’s eye, he will get very angry. Harleen says Momsi give this ice to Karan and ask him to ice his eye. Dolly says I won’t give him anything. Why are you worried for him? Harleen says I am worried for Sarab. What will we say if he asks. Sarab comes home. He asks where are the kids? The kids come. Harleen is worried. Sarab says why are you all wearing shades? Param says this is the theme of today’s ceremony. This is our special performance. Karan says real swag is in glasses. Sarab says it would be so much fun. Prepare for it di momsi. We will be at the girl’s family.

Scene 3
Meher says the boy’s family will be shocked to see our preps. Kulwant says I have to clap back at that OMR Dolly. Meher sees a truck. She stops the car. Kulwant says what happened? Meher says Sarab was hit at this right place. Meher says there is a CCTV camera. Let’s ask the shopkeeper for footage. Kulwant says I have to do something.

Param gives everyone the bands in the house. He says no one can come to the function without this band. We will give these to everyone so for the next functions only people with the band can come. Sarab gets a call. He says Meher is out shopping. Let me call Meher. The function would get late. Harleen comes in and says Sarab come with me.

Scene 5
Meher comes to the shopkeeper and tells him the date. Meher says my husband met an accident. Can yo give me the footage? He says, sure sister. Kulwant says why didn’t Sarab call? I thought he would call Meher and tell her it’s getting late for chunri function. The shopkeeper takes out the footage. Meher sees the truck coming. She can’t see Kulwant’s face. Meher says zoom in, please. Meher checks the number. Meher tries to see the face but she can’t. Kulawnt says what should I do. The light goes off. Kulwant has takes out the fuse. Meher says what happened? Kulwant comes back in. Kulwant says he must have taken money from the driver. The keeper says I am helping you. Kulwant says we want the video. He says I can give it when we have electricity. Meher says please call me when you have light back. Sarab calls Meher and says we are leaving. Meher says we have to go back.

Scene 6
The function starts. Ginni and Jeeto get Meher ready. Jeeto says you have courage you’re getting married again. Meher says my brothers aren’t that bad. Meher says why didn’t he call. Kulwant says Meher is stuck on her phone. If that shopkeeper calls.. Bitu says you will go to jail. Kulwant says shut up. Meher shouldn’t ever know this secret or.. Rana says stop threatening us. You were alone ni this. Kulwant kicks them and says you were part of it. It’s a big crime. Before that shopkeeper calls Meher to ruin his computer. The kids say the boy’s family is here.

Everyone comes in dancing. Harleen dances with Robbie on Gal mithi mithi bol. Sarab dances with Dolly. The kids dance. Kulawnt welcomes them. Sarab looks at Meher. Sarab dances with Meher. Everyone is happy. Kulwant and Dolly tease each other. Meher and Sarab come between them and dance. Param makes everyone wear the band. He says as per the rule only 25 people are allowed in weddings so I am making everyone wear the band so extra people don’t come Yuvi says I want another one. Param says one for everyone. Param makes Kulwant wear it.

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