Choti Sardarni 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 23rd July 2021 The doctor checks Trilochan and says he got a cardiac arrest. Meher says please save him. He says we have to give him CPR. Lights go off. The doctor says we have only 2-3 minutes to revive him. Sarab and Robbie try to fix the light. Meher says the generator isn’t working either. Sarab asks Meher to start the car. He asks all kids to connect all extensions in the house from Trilochan’s room to the car.

Kulwant says if you leave me this time I will come with you. The kids connect all the extensions. Sarab connects it to the car’s battery. Param says when will light come. Sarab connects the cords. Meher starts the car. They rush upstairs. Sarab plugs it in. Light comes in Trilochan’s room. The doctor connects his machines. Trilochan is given CPR. Meher cries and says daddy ji if you leave me this time I won’t ever talk to you again. Everyone prays. He breathes and opens his eyes. He gets better.

Kulwant gives halwa to Trilochan. He says it’s tasty. Kulwant says thank you Meher. You saved my husband again. You saved your dad. Meher says he’s my dad. Kulwant says see our dad is our blessing. Meher says no. Sarab is God’s blessing. Trilochan says I must have done something great to have a daughter like you, son-in-law like Sarab, and these cute grandkids. I spent 25 years alone in jail and lost my Jagga. But I found my family back. I want a photo with my whole family. I will sit in the center. Sarab says we will do that. He says tomorrow will be photo day. Sarab says see I told you everything will be fine Meher. Meher says I also said when Sarab and Meher are together they can win any battle.

Scene 2
The next morning, Sarab wakes up Meher and says good morning. He comes close to kiss her. Meher shoves him. She runs. Sarab grasps her. Meher says stop. He holds her and kisses her face. Meher runs. She comes to the kids’ room. Meher says wait. Meher wakes up kids with a water gun. She says, good morning kids. Param says bua you.. The kids snatch gun and spray it on Meher and Sarab. They laugh. The kids say good morning. Meher says what is it today? Kids say family photo day. Meher marks the day. She says every 24th July will be our family day. Karan asks what’s that? Meher says the entire family will do everything together.

Everyone brushes their teeth. Meher dries their hair. Param asks Karan why are you laughing? He says I am tickled. Seher says me too, Meher says meet too. Sarab says not me though. They all tickle him. Sarab falls in the bed. Meher laughs. Harleen asks what’s happening here? Come for breakfast. Everyone enjoys breakfast together. Sarab makes Meher et. He says I didn’t wash my hands after the washroom. Meher screams. Meher runs after him. He says I was kidding. Meher says Ajay ji mix jamalgotta in Sarab’s juice. Sarab says do you have a jamalgotta business? She says ghosts don’t listen with words. Sarab says ghosts must be happy such a handsome man has entered their community. Meher says you live under such misunderstandings. He says am I not smart and dashing? Meher coughs. Meher says di.. do you all remember that song? They all sing tum rootha na karo. Sarab is angry. Meher sings. They all sing with her. Sarab laughs.

Trilochan comes. They all salute him and say Jai Hind. He says Jai Hind. He laughs and says prepare for the photo. Meher says hurry up everyone. They go out.

Scene 3
Meher gets the kids ready. Meher says Seher, this is how to tie your brothers’ turban when mama isn’t around. Karan says no you will always do it for us. Param says we love it when you do it for us. The kids hug her. Sarab says my turban too, please. Meher says you are such a drama. She tries his turban. He holds Meher’s hand. The kids laugh. Sarab says I want a kiss. Meher says why? He says you kissed the kids when you tied their turban. Meher says kids are seeing. Kids close their eyes. Sarab says see.. They aren’t seeing anything. Their eyes are closed. Meher says close your eyes first. Sarab closes his eyes. Sarab waits for Meher to kiss him with closes eyes. Karan kisses him, then Param and Seher. Sarab says I asked for one and you gave me three. kiss queen. They laugh. Sarab opens eyes. Meher laughs. Meher runs. Sarab says your mama is gone. He runs after her. Meher says no. Sarab holds her. The song pal ek pal. Sarab says it’s only yes day today. He kisses Meher. Meher says UFO.. He says what? Meher runs out. Sarab holds her. There’s a drone in the house. Meher says see what kids are doing. He says it’s the camera for family day. It will record the entire day for us so this beautiful day is recorded in this camera forever. Meher says okay then I want to say, I love you Sarab. Sarab smiles.

Sarab and Meher hold hands. Seher says you look so cute together. I also want a husband like papa who loves me so much like papa loves you. Sarab says when you grow up someone will come into your life. Meher says he will love you like papa loves mama. Sarab and says no like mama loves papa. They smile.


Choti Sardarni 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says kids are calling. I am coming. Seher says where are you going? Meher says I will also go with you. Seher says come, fast mama and papa. They wave them goodbye. Sarab and Meher meet an accident.


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