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Choti Sardarni 23rd October 2020 Meher says I will kill you. She hits Manav. The nurse stops Meher. Manav says do you think I can stoop so low and shoot someone? I didn’t shoot him. You can kill me if you want. Meher says you came there in this hoodie and mask. You hit him and you shot him then. Because you knew I love him. Manav says enough. If you think I can stoop so low, you can think what you want. Why would I bring him here? Meher says why did you run? He says everyone was waiting for an ambulance. He was losing his life. I had to save him. This is all planned.

Robbie, Jagga, Bitu and Rana come there. Manav says if you all think I did this I am ready to surrender. The real culprit is here to attack Sarab once again. Kulwant is hearing from the other side. Manav says the real culprit is one of us. Meher looks at Kulwant. She recalls Kulwant said I will do what I want. Jagga said I will be a son. Mummy ji won’t go to jail even if I have to go against you or Sarab. Kulwant says are we idiots? This is him. He’s the real culprit. We all saw it. He was fighting with him. Who shot him? Bitu and Rana say him. Robbie says he’s the one who came in mask and hoodie. Call police and get him arrested. Jagga says he shot Sarab and is now blaming us. The doctor asks Meher to come in. Sarab’s taking his name. The doctor say Mr. Vikram thank you for bringing him here on time, otherwise, it would not have been possible to save him.

Meher looks at Sarab. Aditi says Meher, we have to do emergency surgery. Sarab takes Meher’s name. Aditi says he has to fight for each breath. It depends on his will power. Meher holds Sarab’s hand. Sarab takes her name. Meher says I am here with you. Meher holds his hand and cries. Sarab tries to say something. Meher says tell me I am hearing. Nothing would happen to you. I love you so much. Sarab closes eyes. His heartbeat lowers down. Aditi checks him. Meher cries. Aditi calls all her doctors. They give him injections and take him for surgery. Sarab says Meher ji.. Meher says I am here. Tell me. Sarab is taken out of the room. Sarab says that day.. he shot me. Meher says who? Tell me. Meher says who shot you? Tell me. Did you see that person? Sarab can’t talk. Meher says who was it? Was it any of them. Sarab points at Manav. He moves his finger and goes to Bitu Rana. Then goes to Robbie, Jagga. Then Kulawnt. Meher says who is it? Who shot you? Sarab’s hand falls.

Amrita comes there. Nurse says only one relative is allowed here. Amrita says what happened? How did this happen? Please say something. Is Sarab okay? Will he survive? Everyone is silent. Amrita says to Manav I heard you brought him here, thank you so much. But who shot? Manav looks at Kulwant. Kulwant says you’re the murderer. He says I will tell who’s the murderer after the investigation. Kulwant says so killed is talking about the investigation. Vikram says say what you want? We will find out whoever is it.

Scene 2
Meher says you have to fight for me. Param and Karan. We are all with you. You told me our relationship is for all lives. For the promise, you will come back. You will come back to your Meher. If you don’t I will.. Nothing will happen to you. Your Meher is with you. When Sarab and Meher are together they can win.. Sarab’s hand loses from hers. Meher cries. Meher sees their wedding ring. She cries.

The surgery starts. Meher cries outside. Meher recalls her moments with Sarab. Amrita come and hugs her. She says don’t cry. Let me bring you water. You have to be strong. Manav comes there. He recalls Meher said Sarab is her world and life. He is her happiness. He recalls Meher and Sarab together. Vikram gets a call from Seema. Seema says why were you not picking the call? Is SArab’s okay? He says critical. Is Harleen okay? Seema says she’s not okay. Seema says tell me the truth. Manav says I didn’t do anything? Do you trust me mom? She says yes. Manav says I won’t calm down until I find the culprit.

The surgery starts. Meher prays for Sarab. Manav comes to her. He sees Meher crying for him. Manav sits with her. Meher sobs. He is about to hold her hand but stops. Manav stands up. Amrita comes there. Amrita says don’t worry. She gives water to Meher. Manav leaves. Amrita says Meher please drink water. Meher says no, she cries. Amrita splashes water on her face. Meher faints.

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