Choti Sardarni 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 24th August 2021 Dida puts the rings in chains and says make each other wear it so these are tied to your hearts forever. She gives it to Rajveer. Everyone claps. Kunal is coming in. He collides with a decoration. Seher makes Rajveer wear it. Kunal is at the entrance. Rajveer makes Seher wear it. Everyone is happy. Anurita sees Kunal and says how did Kunal get here. Nikhil holds Kunal and how did Kunal get here. Nikhil holds Kunal and drags him out. Anurita runs out. Karan sees her running. He follows her outside. Kunal is being dragged to a vehicle. Anurita says hurry someone will come. Karan comes out. The car leaves. Anurita leaves to distract him. He holds her. Anurita says thanks.

Rimple says would they even stand near? Mausa says it takes time. She says something is off. Dida says Rajveer holds her. she’s your almost wife now. This news would be all newspapers. Rajveer puts his hand around Seher. He says don’t worry. Seher says I wish this was a game but this isn’t. Seher asks if the auction results are out? He says not yet. Karan says our Seher is engage.d Param says mama papa would be so happy.

Karan, Param and Badi bi dance. Seher smiles. Seher imagines Kunal around her. Seher comes on the stage singing and imagining Kunal. Rajveer gets the Nikhil to come to Dida. He dances with everyone. Nikhil comes to Dida and says you said to come to engagement after the work is done. It’s done now. She says congrats.

Scene 2
Rajveer tells Seher the auction is announced. The hotel is his. Seher says you wasted 55 croroes for the CCTV footage? He says no, for your happiness. He hugs her. He says I couldn’t see your sad face. Sseherhugs him adn cries. She recalls how he has always helped her. Seher says you must be an angel. You can’t be a human. You always help me. He says I love you.. Seher us shcoked. Seher says stop joking. They laugh. He says you cry too much. Seher says when will we go to the hotel? He says in two hours I will have keys and papers. We will go there. Don’t tell anyone. This is our last chance. That CCTV will tell us everything. Seher says tonight we will have the proof. Thank you. Seher hugs him. Dida sees them.

Scene 3
At night, badi bi asks Seher if Rajveer texted? She says he will have the keys and will call me. But what will I tell Karan and Param? Where am I going at this housr? Badi bi says I will tell them you were tired and you slept. Seher says thank you. You are the best. Karan and Param come. He says we will sleep here like childhood. I will read you stories. Param says this house would be so empty without you. Karan says we would sleep here. They hug her. Seher gets teary.

Dida says to Nikhil I got hotel Crown’s key. Go and delete all the footages. Seher and Kunal shouldn’t get it at all.

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