Choti Sardarni 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 25th April 2022 episode starts with Seher returning home with Kulwant. She pampers Prince and says she missed him a lot. Kulwant chats with Dolly over phone and says she is eager to welcome her at Attari. They both joke with each other like true old friends and disconnect call.

Ranna asks Seher how will they find out Harnoor’s daughter now as they only know Harnoor’s name. Rajveer brings unconscious Mannat home. Seher and Kulwant feel connected to her. Rajveer says she must have met with an accident, he found her unconscious on road and brought her home. Bitto recalls meeting Mannat in police station.

Mannat regains consciousness and finds herself in a house. She recalls her bike accident and finds herself in Kulwant’s house thinks if her family found out about her identity. Bitto informs family that he met the girl in police station as she lied to police that she knows Kulwant to escape from punishment, the girl doesn’t have both parents.

Kulwant thinks poor girl is also an orphan like her granddaughter, so she should keep her there. Seher asks till when they will keep her here, she needs to go. Kulwant says till she wants to.

Mannat tries to leave the house and feels shocked finding whole family in front of her. She slips. Whole family holds her. Kulwant makes her sit beside her and imagines her small granddaughter in her. She asks what is her name.

Mannat lies that her name is Manpreet. Kulwant notices her hands shivering and asks if she should call a doctor, without noticing the heart-shaped mole on her hand. Seher asks if she is having fever. Mannat says she is fine now and wants to go now. Kulwant says she can’t go until she gets well. Mannat says they don’t know her well. Seher says her name Manpreet Kaur is enough for her and introduces herself and whole family. Mannat emotionally hugs Kulwant.

Seher introduces Bittu then. Mannat recalls her mother informing her that her father’s name is Baljeet Singh Dhillon and her meeting with Baljeet in police station. Bittu walks in front of her. She stumbles feeling overwhelmed. Seher holds her and asks if she is fine. Mannat says she stumbled due to weakness. Kulwant asks Ginni to drop Manpreet to her room. Manpreet drops Mannat to her room and leaves asking her to rest. Mannat thinks god sent her back with a reason and says she will stay with her family hiding her identity.

Rajveer gets romantic with Seher and says he wants to see if he is still seen in her eyes. She feels shy and says someone will notice them. He says let them as they are husband and wife. Prince peeps in and asks what are they doing. Rajveer nervously lies he was cleaning a dust from Seher’s hair.

Prince says he is not getting sleep and takes Seher along. Dolly with Zoravar, Kiara, and Scarlet heads towards Attari excitedly describing how beautiful her village is. Scarlet tries to sit next to Zoravar. Kiara stops her and says she wants to spend some quality time with her brother and sits next to him. She falls asleep on his shoulder.

Zoravar orders his assistant to switch off music and car and cancel all his appointments, leaving Scarlet jealous. Kiara wakes up after some time and asks why they stopped the car. Zoravar asks how can he disturbed her sleep by driving on bumpy roads. Kiara says her brother is best.

Rajveer gets romantic with Seher again, takes her aside, gifts her earrings and tries to fix them in her ears when Prince walks to them again and asks Seher to change his dress. Rajveer feels frustrated.

Mannat tries to leave the house again when Jeeto asks her to accompany Bittu to market and bring grocery as she is busy. She walks with Bittu imagining herself a girl walking with her father. Bittu asks her sit behind him on his bike. She keeps her hand on his shoulder and tells Harnoor in mind that she is with her papa today.

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