Choti Sardarni 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 25th January 2022 mrs balla says once devika is better than param can decide who to marry. Harleen says I found out who did it. Hotel manager gave me the cctv footage. Param says who did it? Harleen says do you think they would believe me? I have to show the truth. Amree’s family comes in too.

HArleen says go after dinner. She says come let’s see a movie. She plays a video. In that video Amreen replaces Devika’s coffee and locks her room. Everyone is shocked. Harleen says do you believe me now? She did this to remove Devika from her way. She also mixed peanut in Neha’s food. Amreen says you are lying.

This isn’t me. That’s not truth. Harleen says shut up. Proofs are in front of us. She calls Sharma ji. He says I found this key in Amreen’s room. She stole my necklace too. Amreen says there isn’t my face in the video. How can you blame me? Harleen says how did you have this key? Amreen says stop lying. Enough. You didn’t like me and that’s why you’re doing all this. Seher says you can’t talk to bua like that.

Amreen says I respect all elders. Param says you mind what bua said but you can’t talk like that. Amreen says do you trust that? Param says we’ve seen the footage and you got the key too. Amreen’s dad says Seher do you believe this? You know she can’t do this. Devika says this wasn’t right Amreen. You could get Param the right way. Amreen says I know you did all this. You must be a part of this plan too.

Rathore says don’t insult my daughter like that. We won’t stay here for a moment. HArlene says don’t punish her for someone else’s mistake. Devika and Param are made for each other. Devika says please stop papa. Amreen pulls Param. Devika pulls Param too. She says sorry I can’t see you in pain. Seher says Amreen the girls can file a case on you. Amreen says I didn’t do anything. I would say they are lying. You will regret this. amreen and her family leave.

Harleen says to Seher thank you for saving my name. Harleen says Devika is the best girl for you Param. Param says I’ve decided. God has made our pair. Seher says are you sure? He says yes. I’ve seen her in all situations. She’s truth, respectful. She has all qualities I want in my partner. I am sorry for what happened. I will keep DEvika very happy. Everyone is happy. Param says our parents would have given a lot of blessings to both of us. On behalf of my parents I ask for Devika’s hand.

Rathore says we accept it. Karan says my brother will get married. Everyone dances. Param says bhahi your BIL is at your service. She says you’re my brother. Kulwant dances. Kulwant says let’s do roka. Devika’s mom says we do tilak. Can we do both rituals? Kulwant says sure. Why not. Seher says you won’t stay in hotel. You have to shift here, we are family. Rathore says how can we. Harleen says you have to. He says okay let us get our stuff.

Robbie says to Rajveer and Seher it’s wedding house. I wanted all kids here. Can you call Khushi? Seher says I was gonna call her anyway. She has to come. Robbie says thank you. Seher says let’s go to prepare. Robbie says she won’t come on Harleen’s call.

Scene 2
Devika comes to the room. Rathore says welcome, it’s your tilak. Let’s celebrate. She slaps him. He stands up in shock.

Karan and Seher for Param’s facial. They put on a mask on his face. Seher says mama papa must be so happy. KAran says we will do grand wedding. We will give Devika grand welcome.
Devika says to him I told you not to overact. You said let’s go, our daughter is being insulted here? Harleen stopped us thank God. He says I was in full character. Any royal man would have left. The fake mom says I acted the best. Right Aliya? She says quiet. Don’t take my real name. Our game would be over.

We have to pretend to be the fake royal family. Poor Amreen, I wore a wig and dressed like her and put the coffee there. Then I stole this necklace and kept key in her room. She takes out the necklace. Aliya says be extra careful in Gill mansion. I will focus on Param, you both focus on Raj and Seher.

Param takes off the mask. Karan says what a glow. They video call Khushi. Rajveer gets a call. They laugh together. Karan says there is a good news. Seher says Param is getting married. Khushi says what name did you tell her P for Param? Karan says it’s his roka in two days. Seher says come before that. Param says you have to come. Khushi says you know.. Karan says no ifs or buts. You have to come.

Seher says there have been many problems in your life. Please come back, we will all be here for you. Start a new life. Param says come and be the SIL to my wife. Seher says please come. Khushi says I will. Param says let me tell Harleen bua. She says no I will surprise her. Seher says I am so excited. Khushi says I am so excited to meet you. Rajveer comes. Seher gives phone to Rajveer and says talk to Khushi di. she’s shocked to see him.


Choti Sardarni 26th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher and Rajveer dance. Khushi comes in. She says once I get you I won’t let you go anywhere.


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