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Choti Sardarni 25th June 2021 Gita gives milk to kids and says after Daar ji your number is next Param. She says here’s your milkshake. She gives it to Seher and Param. Param says I am not in mood. Meher and Sarab come. Gita leaves. The kids tell them Karan is very angry. He threw away all things papa got. Sarab says did he find out? Mehrr asks them to drink milkshakes.

Sarab says we are late. Someone told him. Meher says if someone did he would ask me. He was okay before the school. Something must have happened there. We should go and talk to him. Sarab says let’s go. Meher and Sarab come to the room. Karan says why are you here? I don’t want to talk to anyone. Sarab asks what’s bothering him. Meher says why are you upset? He says no reason. Sarab says we want to tell you something, meher says can we tell today? Meher says you know who sends babies? He says God. Meher says when mama papa get married people give them gifts and baba ji gives them babies. Meher says I was a college student and this is your papa.

This his first wife and here’s Param. Then God took back Param’s mom. Karan says then he was alone? Meher days then God sent me to become Param’s mom. So I came to papa’s life. Karan says who is this with you? Sarab says that’s you. Meher mama brought you with herself. Param got his mom and I got my second child Karan. Meher says then papa mama were given another gift that was Seher. Karan sees Kulwant these three aren’t family. You’re an outsider. Only mama is yours. Sarab says our family is made by God. He tied our knots. Remember that we are a family. Karan hugs Meher and says I want to sleep. Meher takes him to the bed. Sarab says I hope my Karan understands.

Meher says Karan will sleep with mama and papa. Karan says I will only sleep with you. Ask papa to sleep in another room. Meher says but.. he says I don’t want to sleep with him. Sarab says it’s okay. I will sleep with Param and Seher. Karan says see he’s only their dad.

Meher says to Karan do you know who loves you the most? He says you. Meher says no, papa. He loves you the most. He cried so much when you were born. Never ask him to sleep away. Are you mad at him? What’s happened? Karan says am I? Sarab comes and says Meher ji Param isn’t well. He’s throwing up. He is calling your name. Meher runs there.

Gita comes to Karan and says your nani called. Kulwant says are you okay? You ate? He says nani only you and mama care for me. Kulwant says she doesn’t care either. See how she ran to Param. Karan says but Param isn’t well. Kulwant says this is a drama. Karan says mama is also not Param’s real mom but she loves him like her son. Why can’t papa love me? Kulwant says why would he ask the kidnapper to kill you if he loved you?

Meher asks Param did you eat anything from outside? He says no. Mama please stay with me here. Meher says I am here. Let me get Karan too. Param says don’t go. Kulwant says see mama didn’t come. I sent gita there for you. She will take care of you. She says don’t tell anyone about kidnapping or Gita would tell me and I would be upset. He says no nani. I won’t tell anyone. Karan says let me call mama. Kulwant asks Gita to do a big drama in the house.

Scene 2
Tai ji says she doesn’t care about you. She went to sleep ajd you are in pain. Seher says Param isn’t well. She sent me to take care of Daar ji. Daar ji asks Tai ji to check Param. Seher puts ice pack on his knee. Seher tells Daar ji Karan is very angry.

Karan says to Meher you have to come with me. I will take you from here. Sarab says I am coming with you. Karan says I am not talking to you. Karan says come with me mama or.. tai ji says see he has started showing colors. Tai ji says show these eyes to your dad. Sarab says he’s a kid. Don’t talk to him like that. He asks Meher to go with Karan. Dolly brings in the doctor. Meher says he didn’t eat anything from the outside. Karan leaves in anger.

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