Choti Sardarni 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Choti Sardarni 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Meher says Param would e like you when he grows up. Meher recalls her moments with Param. Param said papa I will go with you on honeymoon ever. Param asked Sarab what is a honeymoon? Sarab said what’s honeymoon. It’s when mama papa go away.. Meher says no it’s honey and moon.

Meher, Param and Sarab come to a theatre. Param says wow, it’s so big. Meher says this is 15 years old. The theatre starts. Param says what are they doing? Meher says they’re rehearsing for the theatre. Param says what are they saying? Meher reads the play script. Sarab says wow. Meher says I read this play in the college. Meher reads with them. Meher says yes, I am going away from you. But not too far that I can’t come back. We will meet again, even if in dreams. But we will. You feel the love from heart, from the soul. It stays with you. Sarab looks at her. Sarab reads yes you’re going. But time changes, and similarly I wish our fates change too. There’s no one like you. There’s no place where you can go and not come back from. Sarab says you act well Meher. Meher smiles. Meher says I know.

Scene 2
Yuvi says to the servant at Amrita’s house. He says where is the pickle? Don’t you know how to serve? Amrita says how are you talking. He says dadi talking like this. Amrita says don’t dare to imitate your dadi. Jaag comes and says what is wrong with my mummy? Her parents go inside. Amrita says your mom did a murder, she cut Yuvi’s name from school and she did so wrong to Jitto. Jagga says she did all that for her kids. Amrita says I am also doing this for my son. He won’t go where crimes happen every day. We won’t go back there. Jagga says how will I live without you two? Amrita says who stopped you? You can get us a separate house. Jagga says that isn’t possible. Amrita says then you have to leave me and Yuvi. He leaves.

Sarab and Meher come in. Pam says Sarab what took so long? I was bored. Jolly says I was telling you such exciting jokes. Pam says Sarab’s Serbia’s nightlife is hot and happening. Meher says Param sleeps early. Pam says I asked Sarab not Param. Sarab says I already made the plan. Jolly says it’s their honeymoon. Param says why don’t you go to your home? Meher says say sorry. Param says sorry. My mama is a superhero. Pam says but she is a boring company. Pam says oye.. meher holds his mouth. Meher takes Param isnide. Jolly says let’s drink Sarab. Pam says I am coming too. Jolly says no you better stay here.

Jolly and Sarab sit outside and drink. Jolly says I know you since childhood. You have lost that smile somewhere. I don’t know what’s between you and Meher. but you and Param are so lucky to have a person like Meher. Sarab says everyone praises Meher. Joly says she deserves it. He says I don’t know why is there distance between you two. God made this relationship. I loved a girl in Punjab. I left her and went to London but I never found love again. These relationships are made by God. Look at me now, all alone. Respect her love. You will never find a girl like her again. Jolly says let me go to Param. He goes inside. Sarab says in heart, we are lucky and unlucky. Param won’t be able to Meher again. I have no other option.


Choti Sardarni 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says to Meher, I will get the news published that you’re death. He emails his PA, get a piece of news published that Meher met an accident and died in Serbia. Rana and Kulwant read this email.


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