Choti Sardarni 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 26th August 2021 Seher comes to meet dida. Dida is shocked. She says you here at this hour? Seher says actually.. it’s a bit personal so I thought I should come here. Dida says I hope she didn’t find about my plan.
Rajveer meets the old owner and says do you have the backup? He says you wasted 55 crores for that footage? Rajveer says I need its footage. Seher says to dida I came here to.. Rajveer calls. Seher says what Rajveer? I have to speak to dida. He says I have the footage. Kunal came out in a black hoodie. I got it from the owner. He had backup. Don’t tell dida anything. He sat in a car. I have its number. Dida asks what is it Seher? I am your dida.

Seher says I came to thank you. You are doing a lot to save my brothers. They are innocent. They are being trapped. someone did it all. I will find and expose that person. Dida says you are family now. I know how much brothers matter. He says I hope you will also take care of my brother’s happiness and be with him always. He loves you a lot. My brother is my life. I can give my life for the person who makes him happy. I can do anything for him. Seher feels odd. Dida says promise me the way I took care of your brothers, you would do the same for mine. Rajveer calls her again. Dida doesn’t leave her hands and says promise? Seher says promise. Dida hugs her. She says I will force you to love Rajveer. Seher says in heart I will solve this all before the wedding.

Scene 2
Seher comes to Rajveer. She sees the footage. Kunal came out of the airport. Seher cries. Rajveer says don’t cry. Seher says he had flowers and gifts. He was happy. They see a wrong man and car taking him. Seher says that’s not out car. Rajveer says we will find this car’s details. Don’t worry. wE are closer to finding him. Rajveer wipes her tears. He says don’t cry. I am with you. Seher says do you love me? Dida said you love me a lot. Rajveer says Seher.. I.. He laughs. He says you are such a joker. Seher says stop joking. He says I said I will get ice cream. Let’s eat ice cream. Let’s go eat it.

Seher and Rajveer eat the ice cream together. Rajveer makes her laugh. Seher keeps watching the footage. Rajveer says I can’t see you upset like this. Rajveer cheers her up with a puppy. Sher hugs and kisses the puppy. He says you’re so cute. I love you. Seher doesn’t hear it. She says what? He says he’s so cute. Seher says I thought you were talking about me. Seher says it’s so late. It’s almost morning. Let’s go. It’s late.

Seher comes to the car and says the ice cream is melting. They would say you took hours to buy ice cream? He says what would your brothers says?

Scene 3
Ramila and Mausa look at Seher and Rajveer. She says I want test this girl. Invite her brothers. Rajveer sees Nikhil coming in. His leg is injured. Param says what are you hiding from us? Seher says what? Karan says we know. Rajveer hits Nikhil and says where were you? Nikhil says I was here. Rajveer says your foot is injured? I will tell you where you were.

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