Choti Sardarni 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 26th May 2021 Kulwant asks Meher did you find about the attacker? Meher says no. All 25 people went inside. Kulwant says I told you he isn’t one of the people we know. Meher sees the pen drive there. Meher says what’s in this pen drive? Meher connects it. Meher asks Kulwant did you get the call from the department about truck details? Kulwant says let me call him.

Karan and Param fight. Param says you stepped on my foot. Dolly says it’s your mistake Param. dolly says to Karan if Param says anything to you just say that Meher mama is your second mom and my first mom. Karan says, second mom? Dolly says just say that. Harleen says why are you doing this? Dolly says you see how they fight.

Kulwant calls the IT guy. The man says this is a bike’s number. The truck driver must be using a fake number plate. Param comes and takes the pen drive. Meher says what are you doing? He says this is my pen drive. Ginni and Jeeto take Meher inside. Meher asks Kulwant to come with her as well.

Scene 2
Meher sits with Sarab. He says my pretty wife is here. Meher looks around and says so the attacker is among these 25 people. Meher looks at everyone carefully. Sarab introduces his cousins. His cousin says who can do this mistake of marriage twice. Sarab says this is the most beautiful mistake. Meher says I can do it a 1000 times. Sarab says you look worried. Meher says let’s welcome the angel of love. Seher comes on the stage. Seher says this balloon has papa’s ring and this is mama’s ring. Everyone claps. Seher says the one who targets the balloon first will make the other one wear the ring first.

Sarab and Meher throw arrow at the balloon. Sarab targets it and catches the ring. Sarab makes Meher wear the ring. Meher hits the arrow. He recalls about the band. Meher is worried. She can’t focus. Sarab holds the arrow with her and helps her. Sher catches the ring.

Dolly says play pop music. Kulwant says bring the dhools. There will be a competition for songs. Sarab comes on stage and dances around Meher. Meher dance as well. Dolly joins them and dances around Kulwant. Kulwant dances back. Everyone is dancing. Kulwant looks at Sarab and recalls hitting him with a truck Kulwant says thank God Saraba didn’t get many injuries. Meher comes there. Kulwantsays you? What happened? Meher says if I have one band and there are 25 people here, that means only 24 people entered after scanning. Someone entered without scanning. Kulwant says you were at the door. You checked everyone’s band. Sarab is suspicious now. Meher says I can’t sit peacefully until I find out who that person is. Sarab takes Meher back to the stage. Meher dances with Sarab.

The song jhoom barabar plays. Kulwant collides with Karan. He falls on Param’s laptop. It falls down and breaks. Kulwant says Karan.. What did you do? You broke Param’s laptop. Param says how dare you to break my laptop. Now you will say it’s a mistake. I know everything. You did this intentionally. Sarab says it’s okay. Meher says Karan say sorry. Param says he ruined my shoes and now this. I don’t want his sorry. I don’t want to talk to him. You shouldn’t talk to him either. Karan says Meher mama won’t talk to you instead. Because she’s my first mom and your second. Everyone is shocked. Meher shouts Karan.. Karan cries. Meher says who taught you all this? Karan cries. Sarab says Karan answer mama. Dolly says see how Karan ruined it for himself. Param hugs Meher. He says you are my first mama and will always be. Meher says yes always. Sarab hugs Karan. He says I am sorry for the scolding. He hugs Karan. Dolly says Karan, Param made you an I am sorry card. You should also make one for him. Kulwant says thank God Meher didn’t catch Yuvi without a band.


Choti Sardarni 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher is stopped by police. They ask for car papers. Meher says if you enter any car’s number do we get the details? They say yes. Meher says a truck hit my husband. He says do you have the truck’s number. Meher calls Kulwant and says the truck belongs to our company. Yuvraj transport company.


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