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Choti Sardarni 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 27th April 2022 episode starts with everyone watching Mannat while she picks her stuff from the ground. Zorawar walks towards her. Mannat gets tensed thinking if he saw her face. Seher asks her where is she going.

Mannat acts as getting a coughing spell and walks away to have water. Dolly asks Kulwant who is this girl. Kulwant says she is Manpreet, an orphan, she is feeling connected to her. Dolly says she must be Kulwant’s granddaughter in past life. Kulwant gets emotional hearing that. Dolly asks if she said something wrong.

Kulwant jokes with her and asks if she will keep visiting Attari and gets served by her. Dolly jokes back if she fears losing her power. Kulwant says Attari people just heard a tigress’ roar and not Dolly’s jumps. Dolly laughs. Her grandson says they should check the whole house and takes her away.

Kulwant tells Seher that Dolly made her emotional by calling Manpreet as her granddaughter not knowing that she is searching for her grandaughter. Seher assures her to find Mannat soon. Mannat searches her bag and questions villagers. She notices Scarlet and Zoravar and hides. Zorawar gets a cal and gets busy.

Mannat feels like hitting him with a stone. She then notices Kulwant and others walking out of house and thinks she cannot create a drama in front of everyone and prays god that he should slip and fall for troubling villagers.

He slips on a toy but controls himself. She notices him looking at her and waters plants. Dolly waves goodbye to Kulwant and leaves with family. Mannat thinks what is Zorawar doing in her house, what if he returns. She searches for her bag again.

Servant gives Manpreet’s bag to Kulwant. Kulwant notices a shirt in it and picks it. Gullu clashes with her while playing and drops food on it. Seher asks Kulwant not to worry as she will get it cleaned. Mannat notices it and takes shirt back. Kulwant asks if its her father’s shirt. Mannat nods yes and thinks maa cannot lie about this shirt like letters, it must be definitely her papa’s.

She tells Kulwant that she rented a house nearby. Kulwnt says she can stay here till she wants to. Rajveer says he brought her home by lifting her and she wants to go so soon. Mannat say she will visit them daily. Bittu pampers her. She imagines Bittu hugging and pampering her. Main Arsh Da Tutiya Taara.. song plays in the background. She gets out of her imagination. Bittu says she should visit them tomorrow for sure to have chole bhatue with them.

Kulwant gets emotional and says she feels connected to her. Mannat says whenever she remembers her, she will return to her immediately with her usual one liner shoo shatak. Param asks where did she learn shoo shatak from. She says she repeats it since her childhood. Kulwant recalls Meher saying it and says her Meher used to say Shoo Shatak. Mannat says maybe they were related in their past life and leaves from there. Seher informs Kulwant that Dolly called and informed that she and her family safely reached back home. Mannat thinks Zorawar is a big problem in her life.

Dolly returns home and gifts Preeti’s dupatta to Scarlet and Kiara. Zoravar says its an unique and beautiful design. Harleen says its a famous Punjabi Phulkari chunni. Dolly says Preethi dreamt of opening a big phulkari chunni factory in Attari. Kiara asks why didn’t she start the factory then.

Dolly says Inderpal wanted her to bear a son first, fate had something else in store. Kiara feels sad. Harleen asks her not to get sad as Zorawar will fulfill his mamma’s each dream. Zorawar calls Akhil and orders him to find out details about Phulkari chunni and its artisans from Attari as Attari is its hub.

Rajveer plans a romantic date with Seher. All the males give him different suggestions. Kulwant scolds them not to make him nervous when he is planning something for his wife and shoos them away. She herself thinks she needs to know what he is planning for Seher. Rajveer blindfolds Seher and takes her to the terrace where planned a romantic dinner with Seher with decoratoin. She feels excited seeing the decoration. He says now its only them. Seher says its SehRaj moment.

Rajveer makes her sit and opens a champagne bottle when Prince walks in crying and asks what are they doing here, he came here searching for them. Seher nervously says papa planned a surprise for him here. Prince asks her to recite a story for him. Seher says papa will. Rajveer tells story in his style. Seher gets busy with Prince. Rajveer feels left out.

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