Choti Sardarni 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 27th August 2021 Rajveer says I know where did you go? He went to play football right? There is a tournament. You didn’t even ask me. If you go without me I won’t leave you.

Karan says you went to eat ice cream. Seher smiles. Param says we missed you. You were with Rajveer. We couldn’t disturb you. Param says we couldn’t sleep. Karan says how would we live without you here. Badi bi says your brothers couldn’t sleep the entire night. They said our sister would leave. Seher says you both will gt married too. So this house will have all the fun. Param thinks about Anurita. Param asks how was your time with Rajveer?

Rajveer says to Nikhil Seher and I went to hotel crown to get CCTV. Someone deleted the footage. Nikhil says that’s so sad. Who could delete it? Rajveer says there was someone. I couldn’t catch him. Nikhil says thank God you are okay. Rajveer says thank God I got the footage. Dida and Nikhil are shocked. Nikhil says from where? Rajveer says the owner, had all the backup. I don’t understand. He landed and sat in a black accord. Dida is shocked. Rajveer says the number. Rajveer says I want details of this car. Nikhil says I will get the details.

Scene 2
Kunal is in the shed. The watchman comes to him and gives him milk. He says drink this. He spits it out. He says why don’t you kill me? Why do you want to keep me alive and took my Seher and life away from me? Take my life too. He says you sacrifice a goat on the right time. Your time will come. I will fulfill your wish. Didi ji calls him. He says yes didi ji. Kunal says who is she?

Seher asks Rajveer if he found about the car. He says Nikhil is trying to find out. I called to tell you that Mausi.. Seher says I will call you back. Seher asks Tricky what gifts does he want? She makes his drawings. Param says we have to go meet them. Karan says see the gift we have for Rajveer. Seher recalls Sarab got a turban ornament for her husband when she grows up. Seher gets emotional. Param wipes her tears. Badi bi says papa got it for my Kunal. we can’t give it to Rajveer. Badi bi says how will we answer your brothers? Have faith. God will fix everything. Seher says Rajveer will get all the details. Badi bi says get ready. You have to do all this to find Kunal.

Scene 3
Seher’s family comes to Rajveer’s house. Karan says papa got this gift for his SIL. Praram says this gift is from our papa. Rajveer says why this early? Dida says I respect Sarab’s feelings. He was a great man. Take his blessings. Seher is upset. Mausa says we are jutt and so are you. Mausa says our bride and groom to be eaten with each other. Karan says very excitingly. Badi bi says rimple ji this.. Seher isn’t feeling so well. She has upset stomach. Can we do it some other day? Rimple says it will increase their love. They will make each other eat together and give each other promises with each bite.

Rimple says start Rajveer. Rajveer makes her eat one bite. Mausi ji says say the vows. He says I promise you I will never hurt you. Seher eats it. Seher makes him eat a bite. Her hands are shaking. Karan asks what happened? Badi says it’s natural. She’s nervous. Rimple says say the vow. Seher recalls her moments with Kunal. Seher says I will cook.. He says I will cook all my life. Rimple says something is going on in her mind.


Choti Sardarni 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer tells Seher that he will never make her do something for which her heart isn’t ready. Later, they learn that their marriage is in 4 days. Seher tells everyone that this marriage won’t happen.


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