Choti Sardarni 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Choti Sardarni 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Meher says I am ready. Sarab calls his PA and says I am sending you an email. It has an article. Get in published in all newspapers. Kulwant says Param must be the password. Rana enters the passwords. The laptop unlocks. She says here is the principal’s email. Write an email to him. Sarab types the email that Meher has died in a car accident. Get it published everywhere. Kulwant says there is a new mail. Rana says this mail is sent by Sarab. Kulwant says read it. Sarab says your new life starts tomorrow. Rana reads the mail, Meher died in a car accident. Get this news published. Rana is shocked. Kulwant and Rana are shocked.

Sarab says why are you so silent Meher? Meher says one some moments we have to stay silent. This is my trust on you. You gave me support when I was drowning. He says I was just sent by God like you were sent to me.

Kulwant cries in shock. She says this can’t happen. This mail is wrong. My Meher can’t die. She calls Meher’s number. Sarab says here’s your credit card and car keys. I have arranged for everything. Kulwant cries and calls Meher. She says Meher isn’t picking. She won’t pick my phone. You should call her. They rush home. Meher says I have one last wish. She gives him a grocery list for the pizza. She says I want to make pizza for Param one last time. Sarab says what are you thinking? Meher says nothing. I was wondering how would everyone react when they hear about my death. I am sure they will forget me with time. Sarab says no, they all love you a lot. Everyone was worried about you when that 25 crore thing happened. Your mom sold her business to return me that amount. And I.. I can never never forget you. You have annoyed me a lot. She laughs. Sarab says I will save your number as Seerat. Meher says I know you changed my name so no one can get to me. But why Seerat? He says you look like my mom I mean you look old. He laughs. Meher hits him with a pillow. He says only you and I know this. This secret will be inside me forever. I won’t tell anyone. Meher says get me the grocery. He leaves.

Meher starts making the pizza. She sees their old video. Param said I love eating from mama’s hands. Meher says Param, you have to eat on your own now. She cries.
Jagga says why would Sarab send this mail and not call us? Kulwant says pleaase call Meher. Bitu says I will kill Meher if anything happens to Meher. Jagga says he is so caring he can’t hurt Meher. Amrita calls Meher. Meher picks the phone. But the call hangs up. Bitu picks his gun and says I will kill him. He has killed Meher. I will kill his entire family. Meher calls back Amrita. Meher says bhabhi.. Kulwant says Meher are you okay? Her hand cuts.. Meher says aw.. Kulwant says what happened? Her phone turns off. Amrita says her phone is unreachable. Rana says she is in trouble. She was crying. Kulwant says did he get to know about the child? Amrita says he would only divorce her. kulwant says no when a man’s ego is hurt, he becomes a demon. Is he planning to kill Meher? Jitto says in our village a man killed his wife when he took her abroad.

Sarab says it took so long to find these vegetables in Serbia. Meher makes the pizza. Sarab says here is your new card. Put it in your phone. Kulwant calls police and tells them Meher is in trouble. He says we have contacted the Serbia embassy. They can help.
Meher gives the pizza to Sarba. sarab says your new life is started. Remove the bangles of my name. We couldn’t be husband and wife but our marriage was real. Meher says this ritual is done with the family. He says we can do it.

Choti Sardarni 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab takes off the bangles from Meher’s hand. Some thugs kidnap Meher and Sarab is arrested for killing Meher.


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