Choti Sardarni 29th May 2021Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 29th May 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 29th May 2021 Meher and Sarab come home. Kulwant asks Rana to give money to Grunam’s wife after she leaves the city. Sarab and Meher come outside the house. Meher says we tried everything yet it didn’t work. Sarab says we tried.

Dolly says in front of Param, see I got this trophy when I was 18. I will give it to Sarab’s sarbala. Harleen says it’s so beautiful. Param says but there are two sarbalas. Dolly says trophies can only be given to one. Harleen says I thought out Param would take a photo with this trophy but he will have to share this trophy now. Dolly says yes it’s so much fun being the winner. Dolly says in heart this trophy will do what I wanted to do for so many days.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab come to the temple. Sarab says Meher ji, please stop worrying. For you, I even went to Gurnam’s place. Forget it and move on. Baba ji says today’s prayer is for Gurnam Randhawa by his wife. He died on 26th Feb 2021. May his soul rest in peace. Meher is shocked. Gurnam’s wife comes there. Meher sees her back. Meher stops Harpreet. Meher recalls colliding with her. Meher says your husband worked for Yuvraj transport right? She says yes. Meher says died on 26th Feb? He says yes why are you asking all this? Meher says your accident happened on 27th. And he died on 26th, who did the accident then? Harpreet recalls what Kulwant said to leave the city. Harpreet says his death happened on 28th. Meher says you just said 26th and pathi ji said 26th as well. Harpreet says I know his date, he was my husband. Don’t annoy me. She leaves. Sarab says your doubt was right. There’s something wrong. Meher says maybe this is God’s sign. We can’t ignore this hint. It was a plan. Why did she lie?

Harpreet calls Kulwant and says I got it. You told that girl that my husband hit her husband. Kulwant says I asked you to get out of Ambarsar. She says I went to the temple to do prayer for Gurnam. She says I handled it. Send my 10k every month or I will tell that girl everything. Kulwant says shut up and leave the city. Kulwant says BItu and Rana Meher found out.

Mehr says I need your support. Sarab says you always have my support. Meher says we get hints but we lose them. But now I won’t sit down until I find out the truth. Sarab says not you but for us. Meher says this won’t be easy. Sarab says we can fight any battle together.

Scene 3
Karan breaks the trophy and says Param Veer ji, now half trophy yours and half mine. If we fought mama would cancel our licenses. Param says what did you do Param? This was Dolly dadi’s special trophy. The first trophy of her life. Seher says she will be so angry. Dolly calls Param. The kids are scared. Seher says hide the trophy here. Param says no hide in under the sofa. Seher says under the table. The head of the trophy falls from Karan’s hand. Dolly comes there. She’s shocked. Dolly says my trophy.. You blo*dy Karan. Param says no dadi. Karan didn’t do anything. I was placing it in the closet, it fell from my hands and broke. I am sorry. Dolly says I heart getting them to fight made me lose. Karan hugs Param and says thank you for saving me. Seher says you both only look good this way. Let’s go, we have so many things to go.

Scene 4
Kulwant calls Jeeto and Ginni what are you doing here? There is a lot of work in Gill mansion. It’s my daughter’s wedding. Bitu and Rana bring a guy. Kulwant says who’s he now? Bitu says he’s a good actor. Rana says we got him from the theatre. He says don’t worry Sarpanj ji I will do outstanding acting. Meher and Sarab come in. The guy cries and says please forgive me. Kulwant says when you didn’t drive the truck how is your sign on this signature? He says give trucks to each other. Kulwant says how dare you to do this.. Get out. Kulwant hits Bitu and Rana is this how you will run the business? Someone else signed and someone else is driving the truck? Kulwant says Meher? Sarab? All okay? Are all preps done? Meher says we wanted to ask something. Kulwant says what is it? Meher says why did Harpreet come to our house? Kulwant acts shocked. Meher says Gurnam’s wife. Meher says why did you give her so much money?

Kulwant says you’re suspecting me? She cries. Sarab says it isn’t like that. Kulwant says it is. My daughter is suspecting me, I should have been dead before this. Do you want to know why I gave Harpreet money? It was Jagga’s business. He had this rule to give money to the widow of any driver wh dies on duty? When I got to know Harpreet didn’t get anything I called her and gave her the money. I know I have done many sins that’s why you suspect me every time? I can give my life for Sarab. Sarab picks the journal. Meher says I was confused why did Harpreet lie in the temple? Everything changes. Sarab sees Gurnam’s signature on 27th. Sarab says if he died on 26th who did his sign on 27th? Sarab says mummy ji see this. Gurnam died on 26th and someone did his sign on 27th. This means something is trying to accuse the dead Gurnam. Where is that truck? It must be in Yuvraj Transport’s shed right? Kulwant is shocked. She recalls burning that truck.


Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Kulwant says they won’t be able to find anything. They won’t find anything related to that truck. Because you only get ashes of burned things. Sarab says to Meher I found about that truck, I know where we can find it. Let’s go. Kulwant says I did everything nice, now time to use my evil side to stop them.


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