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Choti Sardarni 2nd July 2021 Karan says I got kidnapped. Kulwant says he will drown my plan. Sarab asks who kidnapped you? Karan is silent. Karan says I was.. kidnapped in my dream and papa didn’t save me. Kulwant says well done Karan. Meher hugs him. Karan cries and says papa didn’t save me. They asked him for money but papa said he won’t give anything. Kill Karan, he isn’t my child. Karan is step-son. Sarab says no it was a dream. Karan shoves him and says no. Meher hugs him. Karan says you are bad. Stay away from me. Sarab says you’re my life. Karan says take me to my real papa. I want to go to him. He shoves Sarab. Meher says we will go home. Everything will be fine. Karan says I won’t go anywhere. I have no one. He runs. Meher cries. Kulwant says wonderful ji wonderful. Sarab consoles Meher.

Kulwant says Maher house will be ruined. I will shatter her entire family. In 24 hours I will do the second attack. Rana says what’s next? She says you will see.

Scene 2
Seher says Daar ji please eat your medicine. Param says food first. Seher says then this medicine. Daar ji says no. Until Karan comes back I can’t eat at all. Tai ji sits down to eat and says I will eat. Seher says Karan is here.. Meher and Sarab enter the house. Seher says how is Karan? Daar ji says why did it take so long? How did he go to the railway station. Daar ji takes Karan. Sarab says thank God he’s okay. Daar ji says what took so long? Sarab says we took him to the counselor. Karan is asleep. Meher says he was really stressed. Tai ji says if you have time forcus on other two kids too. They haven’t eaten anything. Meher says why didn’t you eat? Param says we were worried for Karan. seher says why did Karan do that? Tai ji says because he’s a stepchild. Meher hugs the kids and says please Tai ji. She says you both are one blood, Gill blood and Karan no one knows what blood does he have. Meher says there is no such thing. Tai ji says really? She says your mom hides her face like an ostrich. Meher says your dadi is right. I am an ostrich. The one who saves her kids from all attacks. The kids go to their room.

Dolly says Meher how are you answering Tai ji? Meher says if anyone attacks my kids. I won’t tolerate it. There is a limit to everything. Harleen says enough. No more argument. Sarab says to Daar ji counselor has said to keep the environment in the house calm so he doesn’t get angry. I don’t know what to do. How to keep him happy. Daar ji says announce whoever makes Karan laugh, I will give them a reward.

Scene 4
Karan wakes up and sees the whole house decorated. HE says why am I here? I said I don’t want to be here.. Meher mama. Take me to my real papa. Music plays. Daar ji comes in dancing. They all play a story and dance around Karan. Seher and Param coem too. Dolly and Harleen also dance. Karan doesn’t like anything. Meher and Sarab sit around him and dance. Sarab picks Karan and dances. He’s still not happy.

Tai ji slips on a banana peel. Karan laughs. Sarab and Meher pick her. Dolly says are you okay? Karan laughs. Daar ji says wow the real players. Amrit made our Karan laugh so I will give her a reward. She leaves in anger. Karan looks at sarab and leaves. Karan says I was his hero. He hates my face now. Daar jhi says you melted my anger he’s just a kid. Don’t give up. Meher says we have to keep an eye on Karan. Some weird things are happening. the rope got cut, the current wire, Karan left the hosue. How did he go there? Who took him? We have to find the answers. Sarab hugs her.

Scene 5
Param and Seher get ready for school. Param says Karan is sleeping? She says doctor has asked him to rest. Meher goes to Karan. Param says mama gives him too much attention.

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