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Choti Sardarni 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 30th September 2020 Meher says we had one chance and it’s gone. He says I have asked Tarkash to find if there’s any connection. She’s from Punjab. Martha stops them.

Manav says on call find out why are they in Serbia? Aditi comes. He says I will get it collected. He says not a work call. I ordered something for you. Robbie says where are you going for honeymoon? Aditi says Switzerland. Dad booked the tickets already.

Martha says since an Indian woman attacked my husband, no Indian is allowed here. But my brother Pintu recommended you two.

Manav says in heart I hope you’re fine Meher. Harleen says Sarab would have come to pick you for pagpheray if he were here. Aditi says why all this jewelry? It wasn’t needed. Harleen says this is our ritual. Manav says where is Karan? I mean Param isn’t around as well. Robbie says Karan went with Amrita and Param is taking his online class.

Scene 2
Param is on the bus stop. He calls Yuvi and says I couldn’t find a bus. A couple sees him and say this looks like a rich house’s boy. Param says to Yuvi I am coming by walk. He says hurry up dadi is going to your place.

Meher says to Sarab let’s call Param before Martha gives us work. Martha says how dare you sit on my couch. It is very expensive. Meher says it’s a basic right. She says you’re not white, you an Indian. You have rights, you’re servants. I know how to treat servants. Meher and Sarab recall how nicely they treat their servants. Martha says why are you staring? You have no sense. This is my house and I rule here. No ifs and buts. Do your work. Meher says no. Sarab says we agree. Sarab says we will do everything as you ask.

Harleen says I made gobi parathay and all this Indian food. Aditi says Vikram eats continental food only. Harleen says I can see that. He’s eating the parathy. Vikram says such amazing parathas. I mean I don’t like Indian food. Aditi says I will get you what you like. Aditi says you look different Vikram. He says a poem that humans keep evolving.

Robbie says baby Malhotra called. He has asked for the file of Meher’s case. Manav says case on Meher? What?

Sarab says to Meher this is just a challenge. We have one day to win Martha’s heart. I will do anything to save our future.

Kulwant comes to Seema’s place. She says how is Vikram? I wanted to check on him. Seema says he’s fine. He went to his in laws. We are also going there. But come in. Let’s have tea.

Scene 3
The woman heard Param’s conversations. She asks how is your harleen bua? We we are you uncle and aunt. We know your Meher mama and your Atari brother Yuvi as well. We were going to atari. You can come with us. Param sits in their car.

Martha says you will only get two holidays. Sarab says okay Martha ji. She says call me madam. She says first cleaning and take care of my daughter. Meher says I have two kids, I can handle kids very well. She says phones not allowed on duty. She takes their phones.

The couple kidnap Param. They bring him to a shed. The kidnapper says find out who his parents are. Call them. Meher says if kids need us how would they contact us? Martha has switched off our phones.

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