Choti Sardarni 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 31st December 2021 The goons didn’t shoot Seher. they take her phone. Seher says I am fine Rajveer. The goon says heard the call? She will be shot next if you act smart. Rajveer says don’t you dare to touch my Seher. Who are you?

They say we only do our job. If you tell police, we will kill her. Let our work be done and we will leave her. Rajveer says if you touch my Seher I will kill you. The goon says don’t be a hero, nothing will happen to her. They break the phone. Seher’s bracelet falls out.

Scene 2
Param inaugurates the poster. It has his picture with Sarab. Karan says where is Seher? She said she will come with me. She had to be here to see what Param is doing. Kulwant calms him down. Karan leaves. Kulwant and entire family leave as well. Harleen says they’re leaving in this car then who is in the other car?

The goons take Seher to a shed and tie her hands. Rajveer sees the paint. He takes a bike from the roadisde. Karan sees the news how Karan is jealous of Param because he’s not real Gill blood. He throws the phone in anger. Param and Harleen come home too. Param recalls how Seher talked about unity and love. Karan says this is what Seher said right? And you did the opposite? Karan says your wishe came true.

I became the illegitimate son. Eat the sweets for Punjab dal relaunch. He forces him to eat the sweet. Param says you’re rubbing it on my face. Karan says like you rubbed black ink on my face. It will never be cleaned. He says to Kulwant nani can you see it? Clean it? Everyone can see it right? Kulwant says stop it. Karan says my brother betrayed me and my sister is nowhere when she promised she will be there for me.

Ginni says Seher isn’t picking the call and so isn’t Rajveer. Kulwant says shame on you both. You’re both fighting and don’t care that your sister is in trouble. Harleen says in heart they kidnapped Seher instead of Kulwant. Ginni calls Rajveer. He says I can’t tell them right now.

Scene 3
Rajveer is on the bike. He follows the blue ink. Seher tries to stay strong recalling her moemnts with Rajveer. Rajveer keeps finding Seher’s jewelry on the way. He asks people if they’ve seen her. Rajveer cries. The goons come to Seher. Seher picks a knife. The goon comes near her. Seher stabs on his hand. They hold her. Seher says move away from me. She screams Raj.. They tie her.

Rajveer comes to the temple to pray. He says baba ji please don’t take my Seher away from me. I always prayed to go from her. But please not like this. Please reunite us. Rajveer connects the dots that he exchanged the cars with Kulwant and kidnappers only wanted to take Seher. He says that means they only wanted nani.

He recalls goon said they only do their job and will leave her once their work is done. He says nani wanted Karan and Param both to start Punjab Dal. Rajveer says Harleen bua was against it and she never wanted Kulwant there. That means HArleen is behind it.

Harleen calls bhushan. She says you kidnapped my niece instead of Kulwant. He says let me call the goons, she will be home. Bhushan calls the goon. He says you kidnapped the wrong girl. Let her go home. The goon says now listen.. Bhushan calls Harleen and says they’re not ready to let Seher go. Harleen says they’re your men.

They kidnapped her on your order and now not letting her go? Rajveer comes there. Harleen says Raj you? Your condition? Where is Seher? He says call your goon again. She says what goon? I was talking about a meeting. Rajveer says I know everything. Call him and ask for Seher’s location. Her life is in danger. Harleen calls Bhushan and asks where is Seher. Rajveer says speaker. He says don’t know exact location but behind the highway.

Scene 4
The goons say we will sell her for a very good price. Rajveer says you’ve done really wrong with Seher, me, Karan, Param, nani and Gill family. You will be exposed. I will do that. PAram will know your reality. He will never even talk to you. I have to save Seher. Harleen says I just wanted Kulwant away from this house and Param. Please save my Seher. Please don’t tell anyone. Rajveer says I will save Seher but your reality will be exposed. If you want this secret to remain a secret you’ve to do one thing.

Param and Kulwant come to police station. They say please write a report. Inspector says we have to wait for 24 hours. She might have gone somewhere herself. Karan says she always tells before going. Param says her phone is also off. He says you said your husband is with her. Karan says he’s not picking the phone either.

They both show the photo together. Kulwant says they were fighting a few minutes ago and now they are together for their sister. HArleen coems there. Kulwant says there’s one thing that will alway unite them. Their sister. She’s Meher. She snatches Harleen’s phone. Harleen says if Bhushan texts she will know everything. Kulawnt says don’t you dare to dig a trench between them. Seher will always keep them united.

Scene 5
Rajveer comes at the location. He comes inside the shed. Seher says I know you will try to find me Raj but I have to try as well before they take me away from here.


Choti Sardarni 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer comes to the shed. He can’t see He fights with the goons. Seher says he’s gonna shoot you. She saves him.


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