Choti Sardarni 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Choti Sardarni 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With The woman gives her money and says go a call from there. Meher says thank you. She says help me load my luggage. Meher helps her. She gives money to Meher. Meher rushes to telephone booth. Meher sees food and says I need to eat for my child. She gets food.

The lawyer says Sarab’s image is ruining. Kulwamt got people’s sympathy. Harleen says I need my rother ack at any cost. He says why did Sarab buy that house? Dolly says Meher has an affair with someone and Sarab with his heart of gold got them a house. Harleen says Momsy, stop making stories. Lawyer says if we prove in the court that Meher fled and she had an affair and got Sarab in trouble. Harleen says I won’t let Meher be defamed. Dolly says we have no other way. Do you want your brother back? Please proceed with the case.

Meher calls home. Rovi picks. Meher says I am Meher, I am alive. Rovi says hello I can’t hear you. He hangs up. He switches the phone off. Rovi calls his goons and tells them the place Meher was calling from.. He says go and kill her.

Sara hears Param crying. Param comes and hugs him. Param is crying. Param says papa, why have police arrested you? Why did uncle throw ink on you? Where is Meher mama? when will you come home? Have you killed mama? Sarab says you think I can do that? Param says no. He says we are playing a big game. This is hide and seek. Param says I can’t sleep without you and mama. Sarab makes him sleep in his lap. Harleen and Jolly come in as well. Harleen says you could answer his questions as at least. He cries every day. That’s why I brought him here. Sarab says don’t bring him here again. Jolly says not everyone is Meher, we can’t handle him like her. Harleen says to get you out, we have prepared some papers with Mr. Jetly. Sign them.

Scene 2
The goons shoot towards Meher. Meher hides. Meher hits them with a slingshot. Officer comes. Meher says I have to get deported. She says I did that, arrest me.
Jetly says this paper says Meher had an affair with someone. So.. Sarab hits him. He says how dare you to say something like this about Meher. Harleen says we have no other way. Sarab says I would never do this. Rovi says thank God he didn’t sign them.

Sarab says to Harleen please meet Meher’s mom and apologize to her on my behalf. Harleen says she is so poisonous. She defamed us in front of everyone. Sarab says please for me.

Scene 3
There is a Punjabi officer. He says you have no passport, no visa. How can we let you go to India? How did you come here? Meher says please. I have to go and save someone.
Param is sitting with hand on his heart. Jolly says what are you doing? He says I am talking to Meher mama. She said when you miss someone put a hand on your heart and talk to them. Meher holds her heart. Param says mama I miss you both a lot. Please come back.
Officer says how did you come here? Meher says if I tell him I came here with Sarab, he might ask for his documents. Meher says please send me back to my village brother. He says I am from Punjab hence I am helping you. He asks another officer to get her documents and flight ready. He says you have a flight in two hours. Meher says thank you, brother. God bless you.

Meher’s funeral is going on. A woman says God will never pardon Sarab. She had one daughter only. Hrleen comes with Param.


Choti Sardarni 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab is brought to the court. Media says today court will announce their verdict. Harleen says Sarab, please say something. Meher says I won’t let anything happen to Sarab. Judge asks Sarab do you want to say anything? Sarab says no.


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