Choti Sardarni 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 4th January 2022 Gullu says we vowed we won’t eat sweets until you come back. rajveer laughs. They make him eat. Gullu says hold it from here. Rajveer says remember when we were playing catch catch? Gullu says you couldn’t see. Seher says let’s go to pray. Kulwant comes to her room and cries.

Kulwant says what had my daughter done to you. Why did you do this. Ginni and Jeeto try to calm her down. Ginni says you are the lioness. Kulwant says what will my Seher do. She is so young. Rajveer prays for Seher’s happiness. Seher prays for him.

Harleen calls Robbie and says Rajveer got blind but he’s still blackmailing me. He says it’s a good news for us. You can work on the plan there. She says send Khushi here. I will handle everything. Robbie says okay. Harleen says now you see Raj. I won’t be alone. I will fight against you.

Seher makes Rajveer lay on the bed. Seher says turn on the lights and heater.. He says how? Seher says we have the virtual assistant. Rajveer commands it to turn on the lights. Seher says it speaks Punjabi and her name is Butto. She turns on the lights and heater turns on. Seher says just take Buntto’s help.

Seher says in heart I won’t let anything happen to you. Seher holds his hand. Seher helps Rajveer with everything. Rajveer hugs Seher. Rajveer gives his hand in the drawer. Seher rubs his hand.

Scene 2
Rajveer says Seher water.. He says I think Seher isn’t in the room. He tries to take water himself. The glass falls. Param says to Seher we are scared for you. Karan says he will always need your support. Kulwant says your life won’t be easy. He’s part of our family but what about your life. This is a lifetime problem.

Rana says nani is also right. You are too young. Seher says I won’t leave Rajveer till my last breath. I know everything will be alright. Rajveer breaks the glass. He goes out of the room. Rajveer steps is about to step on a glass but he checks it with his stick. Rajveer slips. Seher says we will all take care of Rajveer. We will all together be there for him. Seher says no in just this difficult time, Rajveer and I will always be together. Ginni says it’s not easy to be someone’s eyes. Seher says love finds its way.

Seher says I will learn with time. I will do it. Sonali keeps helping me. Seher says I need your support. Kulwant says we are all with you. Param says yes. Kulwant says let’s all make Rajveer stand on his feet. Rajveer tries to walk.

Param says two more step. Gullu holds his hand and takes him to the table. The song ek dusre se pyar plays. Ginni helps Rajveer in sitting. Seher takes him to the right sofa. Seher holds his hand. Everyone helps Rajveer. Rajveer walks to the table himself. Karan says well done. Param and Karan hug him together but look away. Kulwant says don’t worry Raj. We will all be your eyes. Seher says to Param and Karan I wanna talk to you.

Scene 3
Karan says is everything okay? Param says if he needs any help let me know. Seher says nani told me what happened at the inauguration? I know veer ji you love bua. She’s our aunt but she hates Karan. We can’t support such hate and forsake our siblings
relation. I know Karan Iyou wanted me to be there.

I wanted to. Seher says we should forget everything like a nightmare. Rajveer counts steps to the sofa. Kids come to Rajveer. They say we have told baba ji not to play this game with you. I will be in your team. we will be your left and right eye. Rajveer says who will be my nose? Gullu says we brought something for you.

They make him eat. He eats it and says this is gajar halwa. Kids say right guess. Seher says Raj needs our support. We can’t fight with each other. I want both my brothers. Seher says you both are my arms. How can I fight without them? They say please odn’t cry. They both hug her. Karan says we are with you. Param says our focus would be on you and Rajveer.


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