Choti Sardarni 4th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 4th July 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 4th July 2021 Sarab stops gita. She says I was cutting vegetables. Meher says why are you giving clarification? Sarab says you hid one camera but we have more. He plays the video. Meher asks what did you do this?

Sarab says answer us. Gita sits in amrit’s feet and says forgive me but i can’t lie anymore. You used my poverty and made me do all this. You lured me with money. Everyone is shocked. Gita says I did all those things so tai ji can blame Meher. I helped Karan flee the house. Please save me. Tai ji says she’s lying. I don’t even know her. Sarab says let hwr speak tai ji.

Meher says no. No one can blame our elders without a prood. Harleen says what propf do you have? She shows something on phone. Everyone is shocked. It shows tai ji leaving the wire. Daar ji shouts what is this amrit? Is this a lie too? Amrit says that is not me. I was with you. Harleen says Daar ji you said she was with you. Daar ji says Karan was right. Amrit was with me but she went out to get ice pack. Why did you do all this? You tried to kill Param. Meher says no Daar ji. Question gita not tai ji. Meher says why did you make this video? Sarab says Tai ji did all this. Amrit says how can you even think I’d stoop so low? Sarab says prove it. Everything is pointing at you.

Amrit asks gita Meher asked you to do all this right? She grasps her. Daar ji says leave her amrit. Sarab says I’m tired now. Amrit says i didn’t do anything. Param is piece of my heart. This girl is lying. Daar ji says Sarab i came to this house for my brothers anniversary. I’ll leave after celebrating it. But I will pack amrit’s stuff. She has to leave today. Meher says what are you saying? Daar ji says she has to leave this house right now. That’s my final verdict. Amrit cries and says i didn’t do anything wrong. I swear on you and my son. I swear on baba ji. Meher recalls how truthful she in front of baba ji and for her son. Meher says Tai ji can’t lie. She can’t swear wrong on her son. Sarab says it’s over. Tai ji says call the police. Get get arrested. Meher says if she gives a statement police would take Tai ji as well.

Scene 2
Daar ji packs Tai ji’s bag. Tai ji comes in crying. Meher says to Sarab please stop tai ji. Daar ji isn’t getting. Tai ji can’t do that. Sarab says all proofs are against her. I’m not going to stop anyone.

Amrit comes out with her bag. Param asks where is she going? She says your mom won. I love you more than Karan so she punished me. Karan asks gita where are you going? She says you’re papa fired me. Because i take care of you. Keep this phone to contact your nani.

Kulwant laughs and says my game played well. Harleen and dolly try to stop amrit. Meher says Tai ji please don’t go. She says you won. You parted me from my family. I hope you never stay happy and your kids hate you. She leaves.

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