Choti Sardarni 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 4th May 2021 Meher says Sunday 7th May.. She goes silent. Meher is blank. Sarab says see she’s doing acting again. The inspector says let’s take both of you to the police station. The other constable comes and what are you doing? That’s Sarab jee. He runs.

Rana says you have hit me a lot. Ginni says Jeeto you hit him a lot. Jeeto says you all hit Bitu. Rana says you will go to the office tomorrow. Bitu says you will. They both fight. They throw the key on the floor. Kulwant comes and says how dare you throw the key of my Jagga’s hard work on the floor? Is this how you respect your work? Bitu says I was asking him to rest. Rana says I was asking him to rest. Kulwant says I want profit. No matter who goes.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab come home. Meher says this dinner plan made us so late. Sarab says kids must be asleep. We don’t get to go on dates often. We will stay up. The kids open the lights. Seher says did you see the time? Karan says no phone. No call. param says we were so worried. Karan says do good house’s parents do this? Param says have you seen my friend’s parents? Sarab and Meher say sorry. Kids hug them. Karan says let’s sleep. Param says tomorrow is an important day. Sarab says what? Kids say we will tell you tomorrow.

Scene 3
Yuvi plays with the ball and Rana and Ginni’s picture falls. Rana says what are you doing? Playing in the house? Yuvi says I am not useless as you. I am practicing for a football competition in the school. Rana says break that Bitu and Jeeto’s photo then I will agree that you’re a winner. Yuvi kicks it. Kulwant comes there and laughs. She says wonderful ji wonderful. She says two cursed photos are off the wall. Practice well.

Harleen gives football shirts to Param and Karan. She says for your football competition. Meher says wow football compeition. Param says players will be selected from each section. Seher says you got nothing for me? Sarab says I got you something special.. Boxing gloves. She says yayy. Param says thank you bua. 1 number is my lucky number. I will get selected. Karan says why did you give me 5 munber? I also want 1 number. Harleen says Param is elder. Karan throws it away and says no one loves me. I don’t want it. Meher says what are you saying? You are our life. Sarab says we all love you. Karan says no Harleen bua only loves Param. You love Seher the most. I am not special to anyone. Meher says I will get you red color football shoes. He says I won’t wear 5 numbered shirt. Sarab says come here. 5 number is very important. We have 5 fingers. They make a fist. You are super special. Karan says yes I am. Meher says let me iron your shirts.

Meher irons the shirts. Seher coughs.. Meher goes to her leaving the iron on the shirt. Param says thank you bua I love that shirt. I will become number one. Harleen says you will be selected for sure. He says I smell something burning. Harleen and Param check, the shirt is burned. Param cries and says my shirt.. Harleen says who was pressing? Param says Meher mama. Harleen shouts Meher.. Sarab asks what happened? Harleen says Meher intentionally burned Param’s shirt. Meher comes there and says who burned this.. Param says you took it to iron. Meher says but I didn’t burn it.. she holds her head. She can’t recall what happened. Meher I.. Meher says I am so sorry. I left it on. I didn’t do it intentionally. He says number 1 shirt. Sarab says I will get you a new one.

Param says I want that only. Karan laughs adn says it’s burned. Harleen says I know why is Karan laughing. This was a plan. Sarab says what are you saying? Why would Meher do it? Harleen says can’t you see why? Sarab says no I can’t. She says you can but you don’t wanna understand. Meher was upset when I gave it to Param. Sarab says Karan was upset only. Meher says I am sorry param.. He says my confidence is gone. Meher says how could I leave it on. Param runs inside. Sarab says why didn’t you think before saying it di? Meher loves Param so much. She saved his life. Harleen says Karan wasn’t there. Kids are growing up now. She will always take Karan’s side. Harleen leaves in anger.

Sarab says to Meher don’t mind what di said. She got emotional. Meher says I felt bad when Param said he lost his confidence. Seher says to Param a shirt doesn’t give you confidence. When I was in Kashmir, I was really scared of exams. Mama told me that her prayers were my confidence. When I used to forget anything in the exam, I would close my eyes and see mama’s face. she would tell me all the answers. Param says please leave me alone. Seher says to choose one finger first. What would we the most important in the match? Shirt or mama cheering you up? Seher says Karan, say sorry to Param. Karan says sorry.

Param comes to Meher. Meher says I am really sorry. She fixes his shirt by making a star on it. Meher says how does it look? He says even better than before. Param hugs her. He says you are my confidence. This shirt can’t give me what your prayers can. I love you. Meher says you will be selected for sure. Param says will you come to cheer me up? Meher says of course. Meher says but before that I have to do something more important. Param says what? Meher says your training. I was football captain in school. Everyone would call me champ Kaur. Sarab laughs. Meher says what happened? He says people show off so much. It must be pithu. Meher says yeah you were captain of gilli danda. Sarab says I was a football player in the college. Everyone would call me Messi’s cousin. Param laughs. He says Meher mama would be my coach. Sarab says no I will coach you. Meher says I am sure you never played. Sarab says no match would be complete without me. Meher says yeah he would take water to the players. Sarab says I will give water to you. Meher splashes water on him. They both fight who will coach Meher. Karan says wait. Let’s do a match. Mama will be captain of one team. and papa of the other. Seher says the winning team’s captain will become Param’s coach. Meher says okay this match will happen and everyone will see who is hero and who is zero.


Choti Sardarni 5th May 2021 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The match starts. Param is with Karan. Other two kids are with Sarab. The match starts. Meher distracts Sarab and makes a goal. She laughs.


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