Choti Sardarni 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Choti Sardarni 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Bitu puts Sarab’s photo over the other photos.Avtar says I am not sure if we should do this. Should we do a case on our son in law for Param? Nirja says yes, we will fight and win the case. Wait and see. Avtar says would Param and Sarab be able to live without each other? She says Sarab would thank us. We will make him an amazing human and admit him to a great school in London. Avtar says shouldn’t we think of a solution rather? Nirja says driver, to turn on the music.

They come home. Sarab says Harleen said you had a meeting? Nirja asks Param’s tutor who are you? He says I am Param and Khushi’s teacher. Nirja says and you are playing here? Tutor says he loves playing before studying. Nirja says Sarab you are playing with kids? Sarab says you make people nervous before you have to talk about something important. Nirja says let’s come to the point. We are here for Paran’s custody. Everyone is dazed. Harleen says what are you saying? Nirja says this is between me and Sarab. Meher says but.. Nirja says you stay out of it. Param will go to London with me. Sarab says Param won’t go anywhere. He will live here with me. Why are we even talking about it? Avtar says I think we should talk. Param says he won’t go anywhere. Nirja says he is my daughter’s son. Param isn’t being brought up right here. Sarab says you shouldn’t worry about it. Nirja says I have taken the decision. It’s up to you if you want to accept it here or fight in the court. They leave.

Param says papa.. Sarab runs to him. Param says let’s play hide and seek. You won’t find me. Sarab says you won’t go anywhere. Meher says he only talking about playing. Sarab hugs him and says you will stay with papa only. Param says papa don’t cry. I won’t hide. I won’t play hide and seek, don’t cry. Sarab hugs him. Sarab says you will always stay with your papa. Sarab picks Param and leaves. Meher says I won’t let Param go away from you, that’s my promise.

Avtar is outside. He tells the gardener how to cut the plans. Meher comes there and says if you displace the plant it would dry off. He says I was posted in Nowshehra, during the meeting one of my brave soldiers’ Subedar said the same. His name was, Gudwalsar Singh. Meher tells his number. He says how do you know so many details? Are you his daughter? He hugs her. He says het got a bullet on his chest. He was so brave. He says let’s sit and talk. Meher says please handle this matter. What’s the guarantee that Param would be brought up better in London? Nirja says I have proofs. Come with me, I will show you. Meher goes with Nirja.

Sarab hires a lawyer. Meher comes there. Param says mama, I made a drawing. Khushi says look, he made everything wrong. He made apples blue. He is an idiot. Meher says Khushi, bad manners. Say sorry. Khushi leaves. Nirja says see, this is how Param is being taught. Param says he takes time. Nirja says he is five years old. Here is his medical file. Sorry, I went to his room and took it. Nothing can be more shocking than this file. He has a weak immune system. Meher says he had Chicken Pox. Nirja says he should have recovered in 2 weeks. Meher says every child has a different pace of recovering. She says I don’t want an excuse. I got the proof I wanted. If my Simran was here, this won’t have happened. I don’t want to snatch him. I just want to bring him upright. You can always come and meet him in London. I will send him here on holiday. Sarab says he won’t’ go anywhere. Nirja says I will see you in the court.


Choti Sardarni 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab says Param, no time to play. Let’s go to study. Nirja says come we will play Param. She shows him photos of London. Param says this is so beautiful. Nirja says we live there. Would you live there? Param says yes I will go to London with you.


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