Choti Sardarni 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 4th November 2021 Seher and rajveer drink milk. Seher says my head is shaking. Rajveer says mine too. He says you keep fighting. Seher says you fight. He says we are both tired. They lay on bed. Seher says why is everything shaking. He says in rounds. They both break their glasses.

Scene 2
Bitu and Rana say mummy ji your daughter is in trouble.

Harshdee’s men come in. They say did you mix the medicine in the lassi? They call Harshdeep and says they both fainted. should we start? She says yes.

Bitu and Rana say mummy ji can you listen? She says I am not deaf. I can listen. She hits them.

The men give Seher and Rajveer injection. They tell Harshdeep they will be super attracted to each other. They will want to bond with each other. Rajveer opens his eyes and says Seher you’re such a pretty witch. She says you look like a smart dashing monkey with lipsticks. He says your lips are pink too. She says I dracula teeth too. Rajveer comes close to her. Seher caresses his face. the song lahu lag gaya plays.

Seher wears her nighty. Rajveer hugs her and kisses her from the back. He takes her to the bed. Rajveer and Seher come close.

The doctor says to Harsh after getting conscious, they won’t remember anything. Harshdeep says well done. I rule people’s fate. I know where to drive their lives. No one can stop me from getting what I want.

Scene 3
Seher says Rajveer sun.. draw the curtain. He says leave my hand first. They get up. Rajveer says when did we sleep? Seher says we had lassi and then we slept. We were so tired. Seher sees flashback of coming close to him. she says I am imagining it. Rajveer says pass me towel. Rajveer says in heart what am I imagining. Rajveer drinks water. Seher says what happened? He says my head hurts. Seher says do you have fever. He says I am okay. Seher says I don’t know what is he thinking. Rajveer says let me get fresh.

Scene 4
Everyone looks for Kuldeep. Bitu and Rana say mummy ji is crazy. She will do something crazy and we will be caught. Rana says what will we do now? Bitu says where could she go?

Kulwant runs on the roads and says you will harm my daughter? I will kill you. A man says bebe please take a side. She says can yuo drop me? He says sure. She shoves him the tractor and runs away with his tractor.

Scene 5
Seher and Rajveer tie his turban. The song milay ho tum humko plays. Seher says I remember everything you said last night and did. He says what? Seher says you said I am fat. He says I didn’t. You’re so slim. You are light as a feather. Seher says prove it. He says I can pick and show you. She says shut. He runs after her. Rajveer falls on Seher. Seher says why do I feel like Rajveer is the part of me now?

Kulwant is on her way. Harshdeep plays drum. She says prepare the contract. The lawyer says are you sure? She says yes I am. She says I want everything clear on the contract. Kulwant says I am coming. Harshdeep says write, if there is any trouble during delivery, the baby should be saved instead of Seher. Sign Rajveer’s signature. He says but this is Seher’s death warrant.

Seher gets ready. Kulwant is on her way. Seher says you’re a part of me. I know that. I can feel it.


Choti Sardarni 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulwant comes to Rajveer’s house and says where is my daughter? Harsh says Kulwant Kaur. The guards stop her. Seher says leave her.


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