Choti Sardarni 4th September 2021Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 4th September 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 4th September 2021 Rajveer says the money is arranged. Mausi ji is planning to give you 10 crores as shagun. Meher says I can’t play with their emotions. I can’t take this shagun. This wedding is fake. They would be so hurt. He says you are doing it to save a life. What about your feelings for Kunal? We can’t leave him in this condition. We hav worked so hard to find him. We are so close to our win. This is the only way to save Kunal. Seher cries. Seher says this doesn’t feel right. I wish I could tell everyone the truth and stop this wedding but Param and Karan.

I have to save them too. Rajveer says in heart I am silent because of your happiness otherwise I would have cancelled the wedding. Seher says no.. I can’t do this. I can’t take this money. My soul won’t let me do this. He says I promised to get you your love. We have come so far. This is our last step. Please don’t say no. This mehndi, we will do it for just shagun’s money. I will be lucky in shagun’s money can get you your love. Seher is in tears. This is the end of our journey. In a few hours you will be with your Kunal. Please don’t say no. Get ready for mehndi. Meher says I will take it as a loan and return it. Promise me you will take it back. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Bell rings. Badi bi opens the door. It’s a gift box. Badi bi says who left it here? There’s a letter too. Badi bi reads, my granddaughter is getting married, many congratulations. Badi bi gets worried. She says Kulwant Kaur.. Badi bi recalls Kulwant. She looks around and tears the letter. Badi bi takes the gift box inside. Karan and Param ask who was it? And this gift? She says my friend sent it. They say oh yes. Badi bi says I heard Harshdeep has arranged a huge set up for mehndi. Karan says she’s not letting us spend a penny. Harshdeep said Seher is her daughter. Param says she’s such a big heart. Don’t know if we would be able to return her favors.

Anurita says it’s a special day for all of us. Harshedeep must have arrange a good set up.

Scene 2
Seher enters the mehndi. Rajveer looks at her and smiles. Seher walks in. Rajveer says my love will be someone else’s. I always knew it then why am I so hurt? Where have you brought me babaji. Mausi ji says lost in her looks? They welcome Seher’s family. A doctor asks Seher where is Nikhil? She says why? He says his phone is off. He said his patient’s condition is very critical. Seher says who is he talking about?

Nikhil says to the watchman take him out. Kunal is with him. He’s very injured. Nikhil says we have to get him out of this house. Seher asks a servant where is Nikhil? He says in store. Seher takes the doctor towards the storeroom. Nikhiil is inside with Kunal. The doctor knocks the door. The doctor says it’s me. Dr. Pankaj. Nikhil opens the door. Seher can’t see Kunal. Harshdeep calls Seher. She turns back before the door completely opens. Harshdeep says come with me. Let’s go. Everyone was waiting for you. Seher says is anyone sick? Harshdeep says our cook. We called him for his treatment. The doctor goes in. Nikhil shuts the door. Harshdeep says don’t worry. Let’s go. Seher goes downstairs.

Harshdeep goes in. Param asks where were you Seher? Mausi ji says everyone start the mehndi songs. Harshdeep slaps Nikhil and says are you crazy? Why did you bring him here? He says I am sorry. I had no other way. He was very critical. I called Pankaj but his phone was off. I had to bring him here. Harshdeep says take him to the hospital. He says we could be exposed that way. The doctor says he’s alive. Harshdeep says keep him alive till Seher and Rajveer are married. The doctor says we need to take him to the hospital. He’s very critical. Harshdeep says how can we? There are so many guests.

Ramila says write Rajveer’s name on Seher’s hand. It stamps that name in the bride’s hands. She says let me write Rajveer’s name on your palms. Should I? Seher looks at Rajveer. She recalls Kunal wrote his name on her palms once. Seher is in tears. Ramila says why are you sad? Mausa ji says those are happy tears. Badi bi says she misses her parents. Rajveer says in heart I am sorry Seher. Badi bi plays loud music and everyone is busy in dancing. Anurita says to Kunal this is didi’s plan. We have to sneak Kunal out while everyone is busy. Rajveer says Mausi ji it’s my name. I will write it. She says okay. Harshdeep dances with everyone. Anurita says lights off. Spotlight is on Harshdeep and dance floor. Nikhil sneaks out Kunal under a food trolly. Rajveer writes K on Seher’s hand.

Nikhil’s elbow shoves Rajveer and it becomes R instead of K. Tricky falls. Rajveer and Seher pick him. They say are you okay? He says I made you a fool. Everyone laughs. Ramila comes and sees Seher’s hand. She says you have made such a pretty R. Seher looks at him.


Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer says to the kidnapper we have arranged the money. He says meet me at 5. Harshdeep says now Seher and Kunal will be in front of each other.


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