Choti Sardarni 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 5th July 2021 Param says to Karan let’s go inside I am disturbed. He says I was disturbed when your papa fired my Gita aunty. I won’t go. Param takes away his ball. Karan runs after him. Seher says why can’t you become friends? Karan says I will never be his friend. Seher says mama papa are so sad already. Please don’t fight.

Sarab says I considered you my mom tai ji. Why did you do this to me? Meher says Daar ji is alone. Please see him. Param recalls Kulwant told him that Meher loves Karan. Karan recalls Kulwant asked him to do what she asked. Karan hits Param and says give me my ball. Kulwant said to Karan, Meher only loves Karan. When you were lost she didn’t care when Karan was lost she went crazy. Kulwant said to Karan, you have to do something big so they hate you and kick you and Meher out of that house. Karan hits Param. Param recalls Kulwant said to hit Karan and see who Meher loves more.

Scene 2
Kulwant laughs. She says wonderful. Param and Karan fight. Meher and Sarab come there and stop them. Meher looks at them in shock. Param recalls Kulwant said Meher only takes Karan’s side. She said to Karan, Sarab will always be his stepdad. Param says when Karan held my collar you didn’t stop him and now when I was hitting him you came? Because I am not your own son right? Meher is shocked. Sarab says what are you saying Param? Param says I knew you would take his side because you love him. Karan says to Sarab stepfather is his stepfather. Meher says shut up Karan. Param says you wrote his name on the cake and you were so worried when he left the house. But when I was locked in the store you were dancing. Karan says don’t dare to talk to my mama like that. Seher cries. Sarab says Karan don’t shout. Karan says only Meher mama is mine in this house. Param says and don’t talk to my papa like that. Seher shouts both of you don’t talk to my papa and mama like that. Param and Karan go in.

Meher says I won’t let this happen. Sarab says I don’t know what to do. Meher says face it all. We have solved many troubles and we will do the same today. Sarab says we have seen everything with our eyes. Meher says someone is doing all this. Someone wants to trap Tai ji as well. I won’t leave who did this but we have to focus on our kids first. The hate between Karan and Param needs to be changed. Meher wipes his tears. The song jab koi baat.

Meher and Sarab do tug of war in the hall. Meher says I will defeat you Param’s papa. Sarab says you will lose Karan’s mom. Seher comes out and sees them. She says what are they doing. Karan looks at them too. Meher says you will lose for sure. Param says papa won’t lose. Meher winks at Seher. Karan and Param look at them. Karan comes and stands with Meher and pulls the rope from her side. Param comes to Param’s side and says papa come on. Karan says mama we can win. Sarab falls and says Karan you won.. Meher says no I lost Param is the winner. Sarab says Karan is the winner. Meher says Param won. Sarab says Karan is the strongest. Meher says you don’t know my Param’s strength. Sarab says have you see Karan’s biceps. Sarab and Meher take out winning watches. Meher says same watch for Param. The kids are still angry. They take their watches and leave. Seher says finally they got a little happy. Seher says where is my watch? Meher gives her watch to Seher. Meher says these watches will track them. We acn keep an eye on them.

Scene 3
Kulwant says this was a small blast. A big one is left. Meher tracks Param and Karan’s location.

Yuvi fights with the watchman. The watchman says fix my phone in an hour. Param says you’re gone yuvi. Yuvi says I will bring you a brand new phone. Go to the gate. Yuvi climbs the window and says magic mantra.. He takes out a phone from his pocket. Param is shocked. He says did you really do magic? Yuvi says that was a magic coin. If you make a wish and throw it down, it comes true. Kulwant smiles looking at them. Param says I want the same coin. Yuvi says there only 2 in the world. One with me and one with dadi which will also be mine. Kulwant says no Param you can take it. You are also my son. Param says will my wish come true? Kulwant says yes. Kulwant says Yuvi wasted a wish on the phone. You can wish for something big like Meher mama only loves you and not love Karan. Param says a good idea. When should I make this wish? Kulwant says I can tell you how. Yuvi asked for the phone and he hand to climb on the window. Your wish is bigger so you have to climb higher. I will tell you when and where. Keep this coin safe till then. There are only 3. Yuvi’s, this and there’s one more. Param says who has it? Kulwant says your mom. Seher looks at them. Seher says I have to tell mama.


Choti Sardarni 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher and Sarab see blood in the room. Karan cries and says my tooth.. Seher says Param broke Karan’s tooth. Sarab slaps Param. Param says when Karan broke my tooth you didn’t slap him. I am your real son he’s your stepson.


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