Choti Sardarni 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 5th May 2021 Meher comes to play with Param. Seher and Karan are in Sarab’s team. Karan says Meher mama who wears a suit to the match. Meher says our women have fought wars in these clothes. I will defeat him. Seher says bua you come too. Harleens ays no I will watch. Robbie is the commentator. He says both captains are in the ground. Sarab says if I win you will have to say I love you in front of everyone. Meher says you will lose. Param says we are number of. Karan says 5 is more than one. Robbie says both teams ready? They say yes.

The match starts. Meher says what’s on my neck.. She takes the ball. Sarab says, you cheater. Meher makes a goal. Param claps. Karan says what are you doing papa. Seher says where is your focus. Robbie says Team A 1. Team B 0. The ball is with Param. Karan makes a goal. Sarab hugs him. Robbie says scores are level. Meher caresses Sarab’s face and takes the ball. Sarab doesn’t get distracted and takes the ball. Meher makes him fall. Karan says foul.. Param says no. Sarab says, cheater. Robbie gives Meher yellow card and gives penalty shot to Sarab. Karan takes the penalty. Param is the goal keepter. Karan misses the shot. Param defends it. Karan is upset. Meher cheers with Param.

Scene 2
Bitu hits Rana. Kulwant asks what happened? Bitu says he got me insulted in front of the office. You stay out. Kulwant says you will tell me what to do? She beats him. Yuvi says dadi won the fight. Kulwant says you both listen, this business was Jagga’s pride. If you ruin this business I will kick you both of out of this house. Stop fighting with each other and make me profit. Bring juice Jeeto.

Scene 3
It’s the break. Meher says let’s make popcorn and watch a movie.. Seher says waht? What about mathch? Meher says what match? She tries to recall. Seher says it’s break and we are equal by one one. Meher recalls and says yes football match. Seher says come fast. Sarab says did you fix anything in this juice? You will have to say I love you. I will win. Meher says my Param was playing so well. Sarab says my Karan played better. Meher Param has weak control on the ball. But his defence is solid. Meher says I don’t think Param can play on center forward position. Karan says we will win. Param says Meher mama is in my team, and I will win. Karan says papa is in my tear. Meher gives them juice. She says this fight is on ground only, not inside the house.

The second half starts. Harleen calls the school coach and says my Param will play on center forward position only. He says we all love his performance. There’s a selection match today and Karan will make a place. Harleen says I am not talking about Karan. I am talking about my son Param. He says sorry, Param has a slim chance of being selected. He isn’t a good player. Harleen says he should be selected. You will get whatever you wanted. The coach says that depends on his performance today. Harleen says I don’t wanna hear anything. I want to see Param in the center forward position.

Meher kicks the ball, it hits Param. Param falls and gets a sprain. He cries and says it really hurts. Param says I won’t qualify and Karan will. The doctor checks and says Param can’t walk. It’s a major sprain. Param has to rest for 3 days. Meher but he has an important match. Meher says but.. The doctor says no he has to rest. Harleen says are you happy now Meher? You hit the ball on him. Sarab says it was just an accident. Harleen says he’s out of the match. All kids will go just my Param can’t. He is out without even trying. Meher leaves.

Scene 4
The classes start. The teacher asks Yuvi if he knows the table. He reads from a paper in front of him on the screen.. Kulwant stands in front of him. He asks her to leave. Kulwant says what are you saying.. He says let me mute. Kulwant says who’s this bald guy. Yuvi says it’s my class. She says what’s this paper on the trunk? Who wrote the table on this trunk? All kids call Yuvi cheater.

Seher says Karan, Param is injured. He can’t go to the selection. You shouldn’t go either. We will all stay with Param. Karan says why won’t I go? I am not injured. I will go and get selected as well and play for the school and then go to the national team. Everyone will cheer me up. Harleen looks at Param. He’s upset.

Meher makes a paste and cries. She says it was all my fault. Sarab says it isn’t your fault. Harleen shouldn’t have said that. It was an accident. Meher says but I hit him. Poor Param. He really wanted to be part of the team. His sprain would take 2-3 days. Sarab says no, 2-3 days. Remember when Param had a sprain last time? Mummy ji took it out. Meher can’t recall. She goes blank. Meher says when did that happen? Sarab says how can you forget? Tug of war? How can you forget? When Param’s nana nani came from London. Meher can’t recall. He says let me call mummy ji. She will heal his sprain and we have to keep him encouraged. I will call her.


Choti Sardarni 6th May 2021 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The whole house is decorated. Sarab hugs her, he says congrats. Meher says what is it today? Is it my birthday? Sarab says you don’t remember? It’s our anniversary today. Everyone is shocked that Meher doesn’t remember.


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