Choti Sardarni 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 5th October 2021 The shopkeeper says madam we have everything a mother needs because we know nothing is more important for a mother than her kid. Seher recalls Gaitri said she won’t be able to give up on her child. Seher says but I am doing all this for dida. A kid comes and hugs Seher and cries mama.. His dad comes and says his mom died. He’s a little emotional. The baby cries I wanna be with mama Please mama..

Scene 2
Badi bi comes to Sher’s house. Ramila says Seher isn’t home. Badi bi says when will they come? I made her favorite gajrela. Ramila says sit. Have water. She says before going to restaurant they must have told you where did they go.. Ramila says to the doctor. They are planning a baby, but they won’t keep the baby. Badi bi says what do you mean? Ramila says nothing.. She leaves. Badi bi says tell me what is it? Ramila says they will give their child to Harshdeep. Badi bi is shocked.

Scene 2
Karan calls the manager and says give this event to Anurita. He says but she’s already seeing three events. Karan says she’s very hard working, keep her busy. That’s how we appreciate good employees. Param comes in and asks did you take over that event company? Karan says yes. Any problem? Karan says did Anurita tell you? Are you in touch? Param says not really. We talk once in a while.

Seher comes home and meets badi bi.. She says gajar halwa I love it. Won’t save it for Rajveer. Badi bi says Tricky’s friend Sonu came and wanted your favorite drum so I gave it to him. Seher says it was my favorite drum. I decorated it.. I loved it. Badi bi says you can’t give your drum to someone but can give your child?

Seher is shocked. She says how did you know? Badi bi says you didn’t even tell me? You called me your mom. And you hid this from me? You can’t do this. You can’t share your child. Come with me to Harshdeep adn tell her that we can’t do this. Seher says I also said no first. But when I got to know about dida’s story, her pain, Rajveer’s childhood, she had to lose her child to save Rajveer. I changed my decision.

She waited every day for her child. Her lonliness and pain has suffocated her. Seher says I am sorry I didn’t discuss it with you because I knew you won’t agree. Badi bi says this decision will give you a lot of pain. How will you live away from your child? Won’t you want him to call you maa? Seher says he will be in front of me. Badi bi says but he won’t call you mom. That’s the difference. He would be with didi not you.

If Tricky goes away from my eyes for one minute I go crazy, I am his grandmom. Would you be able to live away from your child forever? You will regret this decision. You won’t be able to give up on your child. Seher cries.

Seher says Badi bbi please don’t tell Karan and Param. I am doing all this for my family. Badi bi says what about you? Seher says mama and papa asked me to always protect my brothers. I will be there for them. Don’t tell them anything. She leaves. Seher calls Rajveeer and says Badi bi found out everything.

I have asked her not to tell Param and Karan. Did you meet the doctor? Rajveer says she had to go to a meeting. I need to meet her before Dida. Gaitri enters the house. Seher is shocked. Seher says Gaitri is here to meet dida. Rajveer says please stop her. Please they shouldn’t come face to face.

Scene 3
Badi bi comes home. She is fainting. Param and Karan ask her if she’s okay. They give her water. Karan says what happened? She says I am tired. Karan says your sugar is down. Param says you look stressed. You went to Seher’s place. Is she okay? Param says swear on me and tell me what happened.. Karan says please.

Gaitri goes inside with Ramila. Seher drops a vase.. Gaitri says you here.. Are you okay? Seher says I am fine. Gaitri says how are you here? Seher says this is my house. I am didi ji’s DIL. Seher hugs her and says so nice to meet you. She whispers I need to talk to you.. Ramila says thank God you’re fine Seher. Get refreshments ready for the doctor. Harshdeep is waiting for her.


Choti Sardarni 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Harshdeep says sorry Dr. Gaitri I couldn’t come to today’s meeting. What did you discuss? Gaitri says the procedure.. Seher says normal procedure.. Harsh asks which procedure were you talking about doctor?


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