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Choti Sardarni 6th January 2020 Episode Start With entire house is being decorated. Sarab says to Tarkahs send a car for all the delegates. He instructs everyone. Meher comes dressed. All the kids welcome her by dancing. Sarab says where are you going in such a hurry? Today is your first lohri. Param says to the baby Param will take Lohri from everyone and give it to you. Param loves you. Sarab says we all love you. Param says why isn’t he saying love you too? I will get him Lohri then he will say I love you too. Sarab smiles and touches Meher’s belly. He says our bear is big now. He kicks like a footballer. He kicks. Sarab feels it. Sarab says no worries, when you’re out papa will play football with you. He looks for Param. Meher smiles.

Amrita calls Jitto. She says I am scared we don’t get insulted in Param’s dastaar bandi. Jagga said he will give his envelope separately. Jitto says Bitu was saying the same. If we give separate envelopes everyone would know something is wrong. Amrita says who knew a small fight would get this big. Jitto says and who knew we would have to talk on the phone. Amrita says give me the envelope in the car. We will make it one. Bitu comes and says who is on call? She says mummy ji. Bitu says hurry up we have to leave.

The event is ready. Khushi says she is my Ginny bua from Canada. A woman comes in. Ginny says this house is like a palace. Rovi says mom what is she saying? Rovi’s mom meets Khushi. She says I am so happy to see you. She meets Rovi’s sister Ginny. Ginny comes running to her. She hugs Khushi and says Rahul.. Never do anything that ruins Yashvardan Raichand’s name. Khushi says bua what are you saying? She says haven’t you seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? He landed in a helicopter. Then he ran to Jaya ji.

Scene 2
Meher chooses the color of Param’s turban. Harleen says absolutely no. I am Param’s bua you didn’t even show me the turban? How did you even decide my Param would wear such a cheap color? She chooses yellow and says Param would wear this one. Meher says don’t mind please but Param doesn’t like this color. Harleen says you have a problem with me. I decide what happens in this house. Bua does dastaar bandi. Got it? She says keep one thing in mind, don’t interfere in our family matters and traditions.

Ginny comes in. Harleen says mom and didi? I have to behave normally with Meher in front of them. Ginny hugs her and says I am so excited to see you. Harleen meets them. Harleen holds Meher’s hand and introduces her to them. Harleen says this is our little joker, Ginny. She says this is Sarab’s wife Meher. Harleen says Meher go look after the arrangement. MIL says wow Harleen, you rule in your house. Harleen says Sarab doesn’t do anything without asking me.

Param asks everyone for Lohri. Sarab says we will do Lohri in the evening. Param says then what’s happening right now? Sarab says this is for your dastaar bandi. Meher says I am so happy. Sarab says we have three happiness. Your dastaar bandi, lohri and our little bear’s first kick. Param says will I be a big boy? Meher says always stay happy my big. Someone sprinkles petals on them. Meher smiles. Sarab takes off petals from her hair. They all smile together. Param hugs both of them.

Scene 3
Kulwant says Amrita Jitto, get ready. Yuvi says I won’t go with them. They will fight again. Rana says look at him all scared. Yuvi says like you would be scared of your wife.
Bitu says Jitto come on the bike. Why are you going there? Jitto says I am glad you got the bike otherwise I would have to go with them. Kulwant says this divide and rule is working well for me.

Meher says to Harleen, I have prepared everything for refreshments. Harleen says you can decide it on your own. Add fruits in it and gold coin. Her in-laws are there. Ginny says wow bhabhi you have such hold on this house. Her MIL says wow DIL is here yet Harleen rules everything. Meher says she is very important to us. MIL says to Rovi, your wife is a ruler. Find rich people for your sister too. Rovi says that’s why I called you here. Dolly comes there as well.

Kulwant says to Dolly congratulations. She says why do you have two cards? Kulwant says to Harleen congratulations. Look at these cards. You thought you won’t write my family’s name in the card and I would sit silently?
Param says to Yuvi Meher mama got me ready. Yuvi says she got me ready when I had my dastaar bandi done. You will become a super sardar now.

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